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Created March 24, 2015 00:56
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Map of the Week Guide

You can do lots of things with CartoDB. With our Maps of the Week we want to feature interesting maps and show how they have been created, so you can learn new ways and tricks to create great visualizations. Usually they are written by the visualization's own author. If you want to write one, just ping me at

Guidelines for writing a Map of the Week:

  • We'll feature interesting maps with a short how-to guide of how the map was done, written by the author
  • It should include sections about the origin of the data, its processing, the styling, geospatial queries you might be using, etc
  • It should include illustrative images, and can include code snippets
  • It should include a short description and introduction about the author (your occupation, blog/twitter handle, etc).

How to get it to us

  • First, contact us at to coordinate. Once we agree, you can create your text:
  • Send the text in Markdown format (send by email in .md or publish to a private gist and share the url in the mail)
  • Images should be cut at 940x344px (or taller). If you can't edit the images, be sure to send them wider than 940px
  • You can include code fragments in your Markdown text this way:
{% highlight javascript %}
{% endhighlight %}

Substituting "javascript" for whichever format you are showing.


Happy Mapping of the Week!

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