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Github Issue Template

This template is my ideal format for issues submitted to a github repository.

[provide general introduction to the issue logging and why it is relevant to this repository]


[provide more detailed introduction to the issue itself and why it is relevant]


[ordered list the process to finding and recreating the issue, example below]

  1. User goes to delete a dataset (to save space or whatever)
  2. User gets popup modal warning
  3. User deletes and it's lost forever

Expected result

[describe what you would expect to have resulted from this process]

Current result

[describe what you you currently experience from this process, and thereby explain the bug]

Possible Fix

[not obligatory, but suggest fixes or reasons for the bug]

  • Modal tells the user what dataset is being deleted, like “You are about to delete this dataset: car_crashes_2014.”
  • A temporary "Trashcan" where you can recover a just deleted dataset if you mess up (maybe it's only good for a few hours, and then it cleans the cache assuming you made the right decision).

name of issue screenshot

[if relevant, include a screenshot]


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