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Time the all_reduce_sum operation with model parameters size of the VGG-16 model (~138M floats)
1. Paramters are loaded into each of the N=4 GPUs
2. nccl.all_reduce is invoked on the paramters
TO get a breakdown of the VGG model size, see...
from __future__ import print_function
import torch
import torch.cuda.nccl as nccl
import torch.cuda
import sys
model_size = 138000000 # of VGG-16
const_val = 5.0
nGPUs = torch.cuda.device_count()
def time_all_reduce_vgg_model_size(repeat=12, discard=2):
print('repeat', repeat, 'discard', discard)
times_per_iteration = []
for _ in range(repeat):
tensors = [torch.FloatTensor(model_size).fill_(const_val) for i in range(nGPUs)] # dim size, value random
expected = torch.FloatTensor(model_size).zero_()
for tensor in tensors:
expected.add_(tensor) # add in-place on CPU
tensors = [tensors[i].cuda(i) for i in range(nGPUs)] # move ith tensor into ith GPU
torch.cuda.synchronize() # wait for move to complete
start = torch.cuda.Event(enable_timing=True)
end = torch.cuda.Event(enable_timing=True)
torch.cuda.synchronize() # wait for all_reduce to complete
torch.cuda.synchronize() # need to wait once more for op to finish
times_per_iteration.append(start.elapsed_time(end)) # millisecs
for tensor in tensors:
assert torch.all(torch.eq(tensor.cpu(), expected)) # move to CPU and compare
times_per_iteration = times_per_iteration[discard:] # discard first few
print(len(times_per_iteration), times_per_iteration)
avg_time_taken = sum(times_per_iteration)/(repeat - discard)
return avg_time_taken
reduction_time = time_all_reduce_vgg_model_size(12, 2)
print('Python VERSION:', sys.version)
print('PyTorch VERSION:', torch.__version__)
print('RCCL VERSION:', torch.cuda.nccl.version())
print ('Available GPUs ', nGPUs)
print("Time to all_reduce {} float tensors:{:.6f} milliseconds".format(model_size, reduction_time))
print("Ring reduce rate:{:.6} GB/s".format((model_size * 4 * 2 * (nGPUs -1) / nGPUs) / (reduction_time /1000) /1.0e9))
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