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@austbot austbot/sercret_service.ts
Last active Feb 19, 2018

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import { Injectable, Inject } from '@angular/core';
export class SecretService {
constructor( @Inject('ENcRYPTI0n_k3y') private key: string, private features: FeatureFlags) {}
//public api
encode(secret: string) {
return SecretService._encodeSecret(this.key, secret);
//private api
static _mapToKeyChar(key: string, char: str, index: number) {
const len = key.length;
const dist = index > len-1 ? index - len : len - index;
return key[dist];
static _encodeSecret(key: string, secret: string) {
return secret
.map((char, index, str) => {
return SecretService._mapToKeyChar(key, char, index);
function createService(key, flags) {
const featureFlags = new FeatureFlags(flags) //imaging flags is an object {"feature1": false ...
return new SecretService(key, featureFlags);
describe('Secret Service', () => {
it('uses better encryption when its on', () => {
const svc = createService("key", {'more_entropy': true}); //Create a 'context'
const result =; //Test the function at that 'context'
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