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House Of Cards Drinking Game

House Of Cards Drinking Game

Difficulty modes stack.

Easy Mode

  • Drink anytime Kevin Spacey's character talks about food, literal or metaphorically.
  • Drink twice whenever any other character talks about food metaphorically.
  • Drink every time someone cancels all their appointments.
  • Drink every time Spacey knocks twice on a hard surface.
  • Drink every time South Carolina is mentioned.
  • Finish your drink if someone dies.
  • Yell “POWAH!” and take a drink every time Frank talks about power.

Hard Mode

  • Drink whenever the fourth wall is broken.
  • Drink whenever a text message is shown.
  • Drink every time someone has to take this call.
  • Toast ("To Pete!") and drink when Russo's name is mentioned.

Insanity Mode

  • Drink whenever an Apple product is shown.
  • Drink for every instance of product placement (Sony, Playstation, etc.)
  • Drink whenever someone lies.


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danray0424 Feb 13, 2014

I've made some suggestions on my fork here:

I've made some suggestions on my fork here:

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