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Created August 29, 2017 18:11
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macOS configSearchMenu
func configSearchMenu() {
let clear = NSMenuItem(title: "Clear", action: nil, keyEquivalent: "")
clear.tag = Int(NSSearchFieldClearRecentsMenuItemTag)
searchMenu.insertItem(clear, at: 0)
searchMenu.insertItem(NSMenuItem.separator(), at: 0)
let recents = NSMenuItem(title: "", action: nil, keyEquivalent: "")
recents.tag = Int(NSSearchFieldRecentsMenuItemTag)
searchMenu.insertItem(recents, at: 0)
let recentHeader = NSMenuItem(title: "Recent Search", action: nil, keyEquivalent: "")
recentHeader.tag = Int(NSSearchFieldRecentsTitleMenuItemTag)
searchMenu.insertItem(recentHeader, at: 0)
let noRecent = NSMenuItem(title: "No Recent Search", action: nil, keyEquivalent: "")
noRecent.tag = Int(NSSearchFieldNoRecentsMenuItemTag)
searchMenu.insertItem(noRecent, at: 0)
searchField.searchMenuTemplate = searchMenu
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