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automaticit /
Created Nov 21, 2017
Hide Firefox Quantum tab bar
# Based upon [[][How to hide tab bar (tabstrip) in Firefox 57+ Quantum]] by [[][VasyaNovikov]]
# This causes the [[][The Back Button is top right under the Red close button on my Mac]] issue.
# Resolve that by right-clicking the toolbar, then inserting three Flexible Space into the toolbar on the far-left-hand side.
case $( uname ) in
profile_dir=~/.mozilla/firefox/$( ls -tr ~/.mozilla/firefox/ | grep -v profiles.ini | tail -1 )
automaticit / .emacs-append
Created May 22, 2016
VMRC Linking in Emacs Org Mode on Macintosh OS X
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;; Enable vmrc linking in OS X
;; Resources: [[][Use Org-Mode Links for Absolutely Anything]]
;; [[][Automating Terminal Tasks on OSX]]
;; [[][Scripting iTerm with AppleScript]]
;; [[][iTerm2 Applescript]]
;; [[][Sending commands and strings to with Applescript]]
;; [[][Calling Applescript from Emacs]]
;; [[][Search with OS X Spotlight from emacs]]
;; [[][Sending Tasks to OmniFocus from Emacs]]