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group:Name of the group (imported from SQL)
depts = {
deptno:number, deptname:string
locations = {
locationid:number, state:string
auxten /
Created Oct 22, 2019
Spark-submit like tool for livy
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Very bare bones shell for driving a Livy session. Usage:
# livy-shell url [option=value ...]
# Options are set directly in the session creation request, so they must match the names of fields
# in the CreateInteractiveRequest structure. Option values should be python-like objects (should be
# parseable by python's "eval" function; naked strings are allowed). For example:
auxten / EndToEndEncryption-test.js
Last active May 22, 2019
AES-CBC-PKCS#5 (PKCS#7) with KDF and salt implementation and tests in Java, Golang, Python, JavaScript from
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'use strict';
var test = require('ava'),
aes = require('aes-js'),
e2e = require('..');
function from_hex(s) {
return new Uint8Array(aes.utils.hex.toBytes(s));
auxten / Golang Elliptic Curve
Last active Sep 11, 2020
Golang Elliptic Curve benchmark
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auxten / yamux.go
Created Jun 27, 2018
simple yamux io multiplexer demo
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package main
import (
log ""
const LoopCount = 1000
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Names of latest versions of each package
export VERSION_PCRE=pcre-8.39
export VERSION_ZLIB=zlib-1.2.8
export VERSION_LIBRESSL=libressl-2.4.2
export VERSION_NGINX=nginx-1.10.1
# URLs to the source directories