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Chee Meng Au Yong auyongcheemeng

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auyongcheemeng / ublockorigin-facebook-filter
Last active September 13, 2021 08:28
Blocking annoyances on FB with uBlock origin (tenor, giphy, reaction emoticons)
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! Overriding an exception in uBlock filters – Unbreak
! that was supposingly intended in 2017 to fix
! but that original fix does not seem to be doing anything in 2021 but hamper our efforts to filter
! regex filter matching for external img assets containing (tenor|giphy)
! example link:
! regex filter mtching for static content on fbcdn *.png (reaction emo
auyongcheemeng / ffmp-resample-44100.bat
Created May 9, 2020 20:16
ffmpeg script for resampling ALAC to 44.1kHz sample rate (windows batch)
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:: ffmpeg script for resampling ALAC to 44.1kHz sample rate
IF NOT EXIST resample-input\NUL mkdir resample-input
IF NOT EXIST resample-output\NUL mkdir resample-output
for %%a in ("resample-input\*.m4a") do ffmpeg -y -i "%%a" -vn -c:a alac -ar 44100 "resample-output\%%~na.m4a"
@echo off
auyongcheemeng / ffmp-flac-alac.bat
Last active December 3, 2022 13:42
ffmpeg flac to alac conversion batch script (windows)
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:: ffmpeg script for converting FLAC to ALAC
IF NOT EXIST alac\NUL mkdir alac
IF NOT EXIST flac\NUL mkdir flac
for %%a in ("flac\*.flac") do ffmpeg -y -i "%%a" -vn -c:a alac "alac\%%~na.m4a"
@echo off
auyongcheemeng /
Last active April 8, 2018 11:35 — forked from maxogden/
ffmpeg youtube live event rtmp stream from raspberry pi with raspi camera (raspivid)
  1. apt-get install ffmpeg - it is now available on raspbian repos (last checked April 2018)
  2. create youtube 'live event'. get rtmp url + session id
  3. run this:
raspivid -o - -t 0 -vf -hf -w 1280 -h 720 -fps 30 -b 3000000 -cfx 128:128 -drc high | ffmpeg -re -ar 44100 -ac 2 -acodec pcm_s16le -f s16le -ac 2 -i /dev/zero -f h264 -i - -vcodec copy -acodec aac -ab 128k -g 50 -strict experimental -f flv rtmp://<SESSION>

custom additions:
-cfx 128:128: for grayscale video

auyongcheemeng /
Last active January 17, 2018 01:59 — forked from benkulbertis/
Cloudflare API v4 Dynamic DNS Update in Bash
auth_key="c2547eb745079dac9320b638f5e225cf483cc5cfdda41" # found in cloudflare account settings
ip=$(dig +short @
auyongcheemeng / umatrix-rules-minimal-cdn.txt
Last active May 9, 2020 17:12
A whitelist of common global CDNs for use with uMatrix
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* script allow
* script allow
* fetch allow
* frame allow
* script allow
* fetch allow
* script allow
* script allow
* script allow
* script allow
# This script automates the setup ssl cert and key on Tomato router to use JFFS
# Based on Tutorial: Use SSL certificate for WAN admin @
# Requires default `certpem` and `key.pem` present at /jffs/ssl/
rm /etc/cert.pem
rm /etc/key.pem
ln -s /jffs/ssl/cert.pem /etc/cert.pem
ln -s /jffs/ssl/key.pem /etc/key.pem

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