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# Thanks to this post:
$ brew install cabextract
$ cd ~/Downloads
$ mkdir consolas
$ cd consolas
$ curl -O
$ cabextract PowerPointViewer.exe
$ cabextract
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manmorjim commented Feb 23, 2018

Thank you!

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RishiSadhir commented Feb 27, 2018

Thank you.

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KevinMcSun commented Mar 6, 2018

Thanks a lot.

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hannibal1296 commented May 2, 2018

Thank you

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russellbrewer commented May 10, 2018

Does not work as of May 10th 2018.

I was able to find it here:

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adriaanvanrossum commented Jun 6, 2018

I get this error:

~/Downloads/consolas $ cabextract PowerPointViewer.exe
PowerPointViewer.exe: no valid cabinets found

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wzup commented Jun 17, 2018

Doesn't work!

PowerPointViewer.exe: no valid cabinets found

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DemoCrazer commented Jul 10, 2018

The link doesn't work anymore.

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byshen commented Aug 27, 2018

me too. seems ms changed the .exe file

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danilcha commented Sep 11, 2018

Thank you! (Downloaded PowerPointViewer.exe with font version 5.22 from

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microdog commented Sep 18, 2018

$ curl -LO

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sangdo-lee commented Oct 12, 2018


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frankcorneliusmartin commented Nov 16, 2018

$ curl -LO

Thanks, that worked!

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ghost commented Dec 1, 2018

Really helpful.

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fuying-wang commented Dec 4, 2018

$ curl -LO

Thank you very much! That worked!

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boscage commented Jan 12, 2019

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flyz1360 commented Feb 22, 2019

$ curl -LO

That's amazing!

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ziposcar commented Apr 1, 2019

$ curl -LO

This worked! Awesome!

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MarcelArthur commented Apr 11, 2019

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xiyuan1223 commented Apr 13, 2019

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latenitefilms commented Apr 15, 2019

Thanks heaps!!

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yakovlevkm commented Jun 9, 2019

Thank you!

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marco-666 commented Jul 30, 2019


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explooosion commented Mar 20, 2020

$ curl -LO


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RyanZheng1 commented Apr 8, 2020

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roeniss commented May 10, 2020

I'd rather download ver 5.22 consolas by searching "consola 5.22" because it's easy than install/uninstall cabextract and remove other residue.

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s-sato-1 commented Apr 8, 2021

Thank you!

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chengkangzai commented Apr 25, 2021

Fantastic ! Thanks

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zhangzhecoding commented Dec 6, 2021


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