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Working on translate module for Angular

Alex Chugaev avchugaev

Working on translate module for Angular
  • IT SmartFlex
  • Kyiv, Ukraine
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bradwestfall /
Last active Jul 23, 2021
Use S3 and CloudFront to host Static Single Page Apps (SPAs) with HTTPs and www-redirects. Also covers deployments.

S3 Static Sites

What this will cover

  • Host a static website at S3
  • Redirect to
  • Website can be an SPA (requiring all requests to return index.html)
  • Free AWS SSL certs
  • Deployment with CDN invalidation


Maumagnaguagno / .travis.yml
Last active Feb 18, 2020
Make Travis-CI push files to other repositories for you when tests pass
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language: ruby
- 2.0.0
- USER="username"
- EMAIL=""
- REPO="name of target repo"
- FILES=" foo.txt bar.txt"
- GH_REPO="${USER}/${REPO}.git"
phillipgreenii /
Last active Jul 6, 2021
Running NPM Scripts through maven

I am in the process of introducing single page applications to where I work. For development, using node based build tools is much easier for the single page applications. However, the build process for our organization is based upon maven. Our solution started with the maven plugin frontend-maven-plugin. It worked great at first, but then we ran into a situation that I couldn't make work with it.

As stated before, at our organization, we have the older ecosystem which is maven and the newer ecosystem which is node. Our goal was to keep the hacking to a minimum. We did this by putting all of the hacks into a single super node based build file. This is what maven calls and the reason frontend-maven-plugin wasn't sufficient. The super node based build script calls all of the other build scripts by spawning npm run. Try as I might, I could not figure out how to make the spawn work. front-end-maven-plugin downloads npm