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avdheshsolanki / Job Board
Created Sep 8, 2018
What Recruiter do with Recooty
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The recruitment process plays a very crucial role in any enterprise’s journey of success which also makes it a process which demands a lot of time, efforts, and various other resources. Not getting the perfect needed employee can really be a nightmare and makes the whole recruitment process questionable!
This is exactly why we came up with the idea of Recooty in the first place! We understand what a tedious task hiring can be and therefore, here at Recooty, our primary concern is to make the life of recruiters a lot easier which can increase their efficiency with the top recruitment tool.
Website Integration
Recooty’s Job Board gets directly integrated to your existing WordPress or Custom website’s career page. Giving you the convenience to hire the best talents from your own platform.
Applicant Tracking System
A recruitment tool specially designed to simplify your hiring process. We empower your team at every stage of your hiring process to build your dream organization. Hire faster, smarter, easier wit