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Last active March 12, 2020 15:45
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setting up ams partition based emummc on linux

Setting up emummc in a nutshell (mostly for linux)

  • update atmosphere to 0.9.2 on your microsd. Also ensure that your microSD is MBR, not GPT (gparted calls this msdos).
  • if you want to use an old backup, grab those files, you'll need them. If not, boot into hekate, dump raw gpp and boot0/1.
  • combine all files on your pc, in the order of boot0, boot1 and rawnand (cat BOOT0 BOOT1 rawnand.bin.00 rawnand.bin.01 rawnand.bin.02 rawnand.bin.03 rawnand.bin.04 rawnand.bin.05 rawnand.bin.06 rawnand.bin.07 rawnand.bin.08 rawnand.bin.09 rawnand.bin.10 rawnand.bin.11 rawnand.bin.12 rawnand.bin.13 rawnand.bin.14 > emummc.bin). Resulting file should be 31276924928 bytes unless you modded your console with a larger (or a smaller) emmc (if you don't know what this is about, then you haven't modded yours).
  • create a fat32 partition on your microsd of the same size as the resulting file you just created (can be a bit bigger, do it a bit [100MiB or so] bigger if you want to be safe), dd the combined file to it with bs=512M (replace values with your own ones: sudo dd if=<your_emummc_bin_path> bs=512M of=/dev/<your_sd_card_partition> status=progress). You might need to shrink your current partition to fit in the emummc, which will take some time. I personally backed up my data and wiped my whole microsd and set it up fresh.
  • create an emummc/emummc.ini file on your microsd and fill it with details of partition's sector and such, template:
enabled = 1
sector = 0x[hexadecimal sector, you can learn decimal value of "First Physical Sector" from gparted (`Start` from `fdisk -l` also works), and convert it to a hexadecimal with google or whatever, try "[number] to hexadecimal"]
id = 0x[anything, to differentiate the emummc]
  • inject fusee, and you'll be in emummc.
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