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sentence deletion invalid index
from urllib import urlopen
import json
response = urlopen('')
# with open('sample_data/parallel_data_example.json', 'r') as fp:
# data_example
data_example = json.load(response)
import os
import sys
import traceback
import copy
import pydot
import os
from matplotlib.pyplot import imshow
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.image as mpimg
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import spacy
print('if you didnt run: python -m spacy download en')
import spacy.lang.en
nlp = spacy.load('en')
from spacy.tokens.span import Span
import copy
from nltk.stem.porter import PorterStemmer
from spacy.attrs import ORTH, DEP, HEAD
merge_rules = {"group1": ["aux", "auxpass", "det", "nummod", "case",
"prt", "poss", "of", "nmod", "compound",
"neg", "xcomp", "quantmod", "advmod", "attr",
"pobj", "as", "aux", "dobj", "amod",
"group2": ["cc"],
"group3": ["mark", "," ]}
worked = {"npadvmod": [30, 37], "to": [40], "mark": [67], "attr": [58], "pobj": [69], "punct": [69],
"conj": [69], "dobj": [77], "nsubj": [84, 86], "amod": [98], "ccomp": [4]}
not_worked = {"npadvmod": [30], "mark": [41], "cc": [38], "advcl": [41], "pobj": [45], "with": [63],
"conj": [71, 76], "nsubj": [47, 77], "ccomp": [16]}
# Resize and clean edges
def plot_im(im, dpi=80):
py,px,_ = im.shape # depending of your matplotlib.rc you may have to use py,px instead
size = (py/np.float(dpi), px/np.float(dpi)) # note the np.float()
fig = plt.figure(figsize=size, dpi=dpi)
# fig = plt.figure(figsize=(10,20), dpi=dpi)
ax = fig.add_axes([0, 0, 1, 1])
# Customize the axis
# remove top and right spines
# turn off ticks
def get_decode(s):
return unicode(s).encode("utf-8")
class Tree_node():
# Initialize tree
def __init__(self, node):
self.node = node
# Get node's id
def id(self):
return self.node[u'word'][self.node['head_word_index']]['id']
# Get head word tag
def head_word_tag(self):
return self.node[u'word'][self.node['head_word_index']]['tag']
# Get head word stem
def head_word_stem(self):
return self.node[u'word'][self.node['head_word_index']]['stem']
# Get head word
def head_word(self):
return self.node[u'word'][self.node['head_word_index']]
# Get tag of each word in node
def tags(self):
return [word['tag'] for word in self.node['word']]
# Get stem of each word in node
def stems(self):
return [word['stem'] for word in self.node['word']]
# Get form of each word in node
def forms(self):
return [word['form'] for word in self.node['word']]
# Get id of each word in node
def ids(self):
return [word['id'] for word in self.node['word']]
# Get edge
def edge(self):
return self.node['edge']
# Get form
def form(self):
return self.node['form']
# Get edge label
def edge_label(self):
return self.node['edge']['label']
# Get edge parent id
def edge_parent_id(self):
return self.node['edge']['parent_id']
# Get word
def word(self):
return self.node['word']
# Set new parent id
def set_parent_id(self, parent_id):
self.node['edge']['parent_id'] = parent_id
# Set new form
def set_form(self, form):
self.node['form'] = form
# Set new word
def set_word(self, word):
self.node['word'] = word
# Set head word index
def set_head_word_index(self, index):
self.node['head_word_index'] = index
# Set edge label
def set_edge_label(self, label):
self.node['edge']['label'] = label
# Show form id combination
def node_forms_and_ids(self):
return " ".join([word[u'form'] + "_" + str(word[u'id'])
for word in self.word()])
# Show node
def describe(self):
return get_decode("node: {:<20} head_word_id:{:<20}".format(self.node_forms_and_ids(),
class Parsed_Tree():
Manage and maintain an Tree
# Initialize from string
def __init__(self, nodes):
self.tree = nodes
def get_copy(self):
return copy.deepcopy(self)
# Delete node
def remove_node(self, node):
# Add node
def append_node(self, node):
# Any children of A will point to B
def update_children(self, A, B):
for child in self.children(A):
# Merge A to B (parent of A)
def merge(self, A, B):
parent_head_word = B.head_word()['form']
new_word = A.word() + B.word()
new_word.sort(key=lambda x: x['id'])
word_list = [word[u"form"] for word in new_word]
B.set_form(" ".join(word_list))
self.update_children(A, B)
# Insert between A, B(child of A)
def insert_between(self, node, A, B):
# node point to A
# B point to node
# Get children node
def children(self, node):
children = []
for child_node in self.tree:
if == child_node.edge_parent_id():
return children
# Find parent node
def find_parent_node(self, node):
return self.find_node_by_id(node.edge_parent_id())
# check consistency
def consistency(self):
assert all([self.find_parent_node(node) for node in self.tree])
assert len(self.all_roots()) == 1
# check if node is root node
def is_root(self, node):
return == node.edge_parent_id()
# Get all root nodes if it has more than one (shouldn't), used for check consistency
def all_roots(self):
# The nodes is a tree, each node has one edge to it's parent
return [node for node in self.tree if self.is_root(node)]
# Get root node
def root_node(self):
return self.all_roots()[0]
# Get path to root
def path_to_root(self, node):
path = []
current_node = node
while not self.is_root(current_node):
current_node = self.find_parent_node(current_node)
return path
# Get path from A to B
def path(self, A, B, debug = False):
A_path_root = [ for node in self.path_to_root(A)]
B_path_root = [ for node in self.path_to_root(B)]
joined = set(A_path_root) & set(B_path_root)
up = copy.deepcopy(A_path_root)
[up.remove(item) for item in joined]
down = copy.deepcopy(B_path_root)
[down.remove(item) for item in joined]
[A_path_root.remove(item) for item in up]
top = [] + A_path_root[:1]
if debug:
print("up:", up)
print("top", top)
print("down:", down)
return up, top, down
# Add an dummy on top of original root
def add_dummy_root(self):
# -- Add dummy root node
# Create an dummy root node, append it to node list
dummy_root_id = -1
dummy_root = {u'form': u'ROOT',
u'head_word_index': 0,
u'word': [{u'tag': u'ROOT',
# u'dep': u'ROOT_To_Self',
u'id': dummy_root_id,
u'form': u'ROOT',
u'stem': u'ROOT'}],
u'edge': {u'parent_id': dummy_root_id, u'label': u'ROOT_To_Self'}
# Find original root node, which contains self pointed edge
root_node = self.root_node()
# Get node given id
def find_node_by_id(self, id, debug=False):
found = None
if debug:
print("Debug ----- find_node_by_id ----- ")
print("target id:", id)
print([ for node in self.tree])
for node in self.tree:
if id in node.ids():
found = node
return found
# Check if node is in the tree
def is_node_in(self, node):
if self.find_node_by_id(
return True
return False
# Find neighbor nodes
def find_neighbor(self, node, debug = False):
node_ids = [ for tree_node in self.tree]
rights = filter(lambda x: x >, node_ids)[:1]
right = next(iter(rights), None)
lefts = filter(lambda x: x <,node_ids )[:1]
left = next(iter(lefts), None)
left_node = self.find_node_by_id(left) if left else None
right_node = self.find_node_by_id(right) if right else None
if debug:
print("ids: {}".format(node_ids))
print("node: {}, left: {}, right: {}".format(, left, right))
return left_node, right_node
# Print tree
def print_edges(self, debug=False):
def get_tags(node):
return get_decode(",".join(node.tags()))
for node in self.tree:
parent_id = node.edge_parent_id()
parent_node = self.find_node_by_id(parent_id)
if node.edge_label():
if not parent_node:
self.find_node_by_id(parent_id, debug=True)
print(get_decode("{:<20}:{:<20}{}->{}".format(, node.edge_label(), node.form(), parent_id)))
print(get_decode("{:<20}:{:<20}{}->{}[{}]".format(, node.edge_label(),
# Print a graphic tree
def print_graph(self, color_settings = {}):
graph = pydot.Dot(graph_type='digraph')
name_to_node = {}
id_to_color = {}
for color, ids in color_settings.items():
for id in ids:
id_to_color[id] = color
all_ids = [ for node in self.tree]
for id in all_ids:
color = id_to_color.get(id, 'gray')
node = self.find_node_by_id(id)
node_label = node.node_forms_and_ids()
name_to_node[node_label] = pydot.Node(node_label, style="filled", fillcolor=color)
for node in name_to_node.values():
for edge in self.get_edges():
node_a_name, node_b_name = edge
graph.add_edge(pydot.Edge(name_to_node[node_a_name], name_to_node[node_b_name]))
img = mpimg.imread('graph.png')
plot_im(img, dpi=40)
# Get and edge from a node to its parent
def get_edge(self, node):
parent_id = node.edge_parent_id()
parent_node = self.find_node_by_id(parent_id)
return (parent_node.node_forms_and_ids(), node.node_forms_and_ids())
# Get tree edges
def get_edges(self):
return [self.get_edge(node) for node in self.tree]
class Sentence_Reduction(object):
def __init__(self, sentence_tree, headline_tree):
# parse sentence into tree structure
self.sentence_tree = sentence_tree
# parse headline into tree structure
self.headline_tree = headline_tree
# Transfer headline into transfered_headline
self.transfered_headline = None
# Transfer sentence_tree into transfered_tree
self.transfered_tree = None
# Flat transfered_tree into flatten_tree
self.flatten_tree = None
# Given headline_tree, reduce flatten_tree into reduced_tree
self.reduced_tree = None
# Get reduced_sentence from reduced_tree
self.reduced_sentence = None
def transfer_tree(self, debug=False):
# Start
self.transfered_tree = self.sentence_tree.get_copy()
# Add dummy root
# Remove node that falls in ignore rules
def ignore_node(node):
# ignore_rules = ["``", "''", "'"]
ignore_rules = []
if node.form() in ignore_rules:
parent_node = self.transfered_tree.find_parent_node(node)
self.transfered_tree.update_children(node, parent_node)
return True
return False
# remove node in ignore rules
self.transfered_tree.tree[:] = [node for node in self.transfered_tree.tree if not ignore_node(node)]
# -- preposition, punctuation replacement
part_of_speach = ['prep', 'punct']
for node in self.transfered_tree.tree:
if node.edge_label() in part_of_speach:
# -- move conjunction word
for node in self.transfered_tree.tree:
if node.edge_label() in merge_rules['group2']:
# print("Found cc node: node label: {:<20} id: {:<20} form: {:<20}".format(node.edge_label(),, node.form()))
_, right_neighbor = self.transfered_tree.find_neighbor(node)
up, top, down = self.transfered_tree.path(node, right_neighbor)
if up and down:
A_node = self.transfered_tree.find_node_by_id(top[0])
B_node = self.transfered_tree.find_node_by_id(down[0])
self.transfered_tree.insert_between(node, A_node, B_node)
# Take a transfered tree and flat it
def flat_tree(self):
self.flatten_tree = self.transfered_tree.get_copy()
# Remove node each time after merged to its parent node
for node in list(self.flatten_tree.tree):
if node.edge_label() in merge_rules['group1']:
self.flatten_tree.merge(node, self.flatten_tree.find_parent_node(node))
# Transfer headline
def transfer_headline(self, debug = False):
self.transfered_headline = self.headline_tree.get_copy()
# Remove node that falls in ignore rules
def ignore_node(node):
headline_ignore_rules = ['IN', '``', "''", "DT", ':', '.', 'POS']
if node.head_word_tag() in headline_ignore_rules:
parent_node = self.transfered_headline.find_parent_node(node)
self.transfered_headline.update_children(node, parent_node)
return True
return False
if debug:
for node in self.headline_tree.tree:
print("{}--{}".format(get_decode(node.head_word_stem()), get_decode(node.head_word_tag())))
self.transfered_headline.tree[:] = [node for node in self.transfered_headline.tree if not ignore_node(node)]
def reduce_sentence_by_headline(self, addtional_stem = None, debug=False):
# def is_verb(tag):
# return tag in ['VB', 'VBD', 'VBG', 'VBN', 'VBP', 'VBZ']
def stemming(node):
if addtional_stem:
stems = [addtional_stem(form.lower()) for form in node.forms()]
stems = [stem.lower() for stem in node.stems()]
return " ".join(stems)
def get_node_set(node):
stem = stemming(node)
return stem.split()
def is_not_in_headline(node, headline_stems):
return not bool(set(get_node_set(node)) & set(headline_stems))
def check_common_and_update(node, debug = False):
node_stems = get_node_set(node)
common = set(node_stems) & set(headline_stems)
if bool(common):
for item in common:
if debug:
print("modified_headline_stems: ", headline_stems)
return True
return False
# Start
self.reduced_tree = self.flatten_tree.get_copy()
# Get a list of stems and flatten the list
headline_stems = [get_node_set(headline_node) for headline_node in self.transfered_headline.tree]
headline_stems = [item for itemset in headline_stems for item in itemset]
# Get a list of connect words for later use
connect_nodes = [node for node in self.reduced_tree.tree if node.edge_label() in merge_rules['group3']]
# Keep node that has headline stem
self.reduced_tree.tree[:] = [node for node in self.reduced_tree.tree if check_common_and_update(node)]
# if headline_stems:
# print("{} -- Found unmatched headlines: {}".format(self.reduce_sentence_by_headline.__name__, headline_stems))
# Return each part of the flatten tree, use different color to print graph
reduced_tree_ids = [ for n in self.reduced_tree.tree]
# Add node on the path to reduced tree
nodes_on_the_path = []
processed = []
for index, node in enumerate(self.reduced_tree.tree):
path = self.flatten_tree.path_to_root(node)
path_label = [self.reduced_tree.is_node_in(node) for node in path]
# the last item is zero(dummy root)
# Find the first True and the last True
# Index in between will be added to reduced graph
start, end = path_label.index(True) + 1, len(path_label) - path_label[::-1].index(True) - 1
for node_on_path in path[start:end]:
if not self.reduced_tree.is_node_in(node_on_path) and not in processed:
# print("add current node: {}".format(path[node_index]['form']))
# Return each part of the flatten tree, use different color to print graph
path_node_ids = [ for n in nodes_on_the_path]
self.reduced_tree.tree += nodes_on_the_path
def use_connect_word(node):
# Find connnect word like "that" or "which", we use them only if both left words
# and right words are selected in reduced tree.
# The left word is the word right before the connect word
# The right word is any word after connect
left_word_id = - 1
left_node, right_node = self.reduced_tree.find_neighbor(node)
return self.reduced_tree.find_node_by_id(left_word_id) and right_node
# Add connect word fot reduced tree if needed
connect_nodes[:] = [node for node in connect_nodes if use_connect_word(node) and not self.reduced_tree.is_node_in(node)]
for node in connect_nodes:
print("Found connect node: {}".format(node.describe()))
# Return each part of the flatten tree, use different color to print graph
connect_nodes_ids = [ for n in connect_nodes]
self.reduced_tree.tree += connect_nodes
# Make reduced tree consistent
for reduced_node in self.reduced_tree.tree:
if not self.reduced_tree.find_parent_node(reduced_node):
return reduced_tree_ids, path_node_ids, connect_nodes_ids
# Generate reduced sentence from reduced node
def generate_reduced_sentence(self):
id_word_pairs = [(word[u'id'], word[u'form']) for reduced_node in self.reduced_tree.tree
for word in reduced_node.word()]
id_word_pairs.sort(key=lambda tuple: tuple[0])
self.reduced_sentence = " ".join([tuple[1] for tuple in id_word_pairs])
# Construct tree from sentence
def parse_info(sentence):
doc = nlp(sentence)
heads = [index + item[0] for index, item in enumerate(doc.to_array([HEAD]))]
nodes = [{u"form": token.orth_,
u"head_word_index": 0,
u"word": [{u"id": current_id,
# u"dep": doc[current_id].dep_,
u"tag": token.tag_,
u"form": token.orth_,
u"stem": token.lemma_
u"edge": {u"parent_id": parent_id, u"label": doc[current_id].dep_}
for current_id, (token, parent_id) in enumerate(zip(doc, heads))]
return [Tree_node(node) for node in nodes]
#import parallel_data_gen
from pattern.en import conjugate, lemma, lexeme
additional_stem = lemma
def reduce_sentence(sample, debug = False):
sentence = sample['sentence']
headline = sample['headline']
sentence_info = parse_info(sentence)
headline_info = parse_info(headline)
sentence_nodes = Parsed_Tree(sentence_info)
headline_nodes = Parsed_Tree(headline_info)
sentence_reduction = Sentence_Reduction(sentence_nodes, headline_nodes)
reduced_tree_ids, path_node_ids, connect_nodes_ids = sentence_reduction.reduce_sentence_by_headline(additional_stem)
print("-------- Sentence -------------------")
print("-------- Headline -------------------")
print("-------- reduced_sentence -------------------")
if debug:
print("-------- Sentence tree-------------------")
# sentence_reduction.sentence_tree.print_edges()
print("-------- Transfered tree -------------------")
# sentence_reduction.transfered_tree.print_edges()
print("-------- Flatten tree -------------------")
# print("-------- Headline tree-------------------")
# sentence_reduction.headline_tree.print_graph()
print("-------- Transfered Headline tree-------------------")
print("-------- Reducing tree: matching -------------------")
color_settings = {"pink":reduced_tree_ids, "darkkhaki":path_node_ids, "brown3":connect_nodes_ids}
print("-------- Reduced tree: after reduce -------------------")
start = 50
end = 60
for index, sample in enumerate(data_example[start:end]):
sentence = sample['sentence']
headline = sample['headline']
print("----------------{}-------------------".format(index + start))
print("reducing sentence: " + sentence)
print("reducing headline: " + headline)
except Exception as e:
print("Spacy library couldn't parse sentence into a tree. Please ignore this sentence pair")
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