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Create Kafka Multi Node, Multi Broker Cluster

How to create a MultiNode - MultiBroker Cluster for Kafka on AWS

PreRequisites :

  1. Kafka Binary files :

  2. Atleast 2 AWS machines : AWS EMR or EC2 will be preferable

  3. A Kafka Manager Utility to watch up the Cluster :


  1. Now first download the kafka Tarball or binaries on your AWS instances and extract them

    tar -xzvf kafka_2.10- mv kafka_2.10- kafka

  2. On Both the Instances, you only need two properties to be changed i.e. &

a) Going with the first one edit "" on both the instances to

vi ~/kafka/config/
clientPort=2080 #Changing the Port from default "2181" to "2080"
#add here more servers if you want

b) Now edit both instances "" and update the following this

vi ~/kafka/config/ 
port=9092<IP1> #for 2nd EC2 instance it'll be "ec2-<IP2>"
zookeeper.connect=ec2-<IP1>,ec2-<IP2> #Add all the Instances here for each Instance
  1. After this go to the /tmp of every instance and create following things :

    cd /tmp/ mkdir zookeeper #Zookeeper temp dir cd zookeeper touch myid #Zookeeper temp file echo '1' >> myid #Add Server ID for Respective Instances i.e. "server.1 and server.2 etc"

  2. Now all is done, Need to start zookeeper and kafka-server on both instances

    ##Start on both Instances

    ~/kafka/bin/ ~/kafka/config/

    ~/kafka/bin/ ~/kafka/config/

  3. Now go to KafkaTool and add both of your AWS instances, You'll see multi brokers with multple partitions in it.

Post your questions here for more help

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rahuludumatt commented Jul 1, 2018

How to create consumer in java which connect to zookeeper instead of kafka broker url?

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