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adjusting coordinates of markers with identical coordinates
// add this inside your loop - looping over your marker locations
var coordinates_hash = new Array();
var coordinates_str, actual_lat, actual_lon, adjusted_lat, adjusted_lon;
actual_lat = adjusted_lat = this.locations[i].latitude;
actual_lon = adjusted_lon = this.locations[i].longitude;
coordinates_str = actual_lat + actual_lon;
while (coordinates_hash[coordinates_str] != null) {
// adjust coord by 50m or so
adjusted_lat = parseFloat(actual_lat) + (Math.random() -.5) / 750;
adjusted_lon = parseFloat(actual_lon) + (Math.random() -.5) / 750;
coordinates_str = String(adjusted_lat) + String(adjusted_lon);
coordinates_hash[coordinates_str] = 1;
var myLatLng = new google.maps.LatLng(adjusted_lat, adjusted_lon);

otar commented Nov 15, 2011

Simply a "life-saver"...

Though have to be honest that I appeared dumb enough not to Goggle possible solution(s) and code it from scratch.


avioing commented Nov 15, 2011

glad it's helpful. check out the gmaps4rails gem, it has this feature built-in along with many others

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