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Last active Dec 16, 2015
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What is this anonymous class?
pry> c = ObjectSpace.each_object.detect { |i| i.class.to_s == "#<Class:0xb8f4e33c>" }
pry> c
=> {:perform_caching=>true,
pry> ls c
all? collect cycle drop_while each_slice entries find_all flat_map index_by many? max min_by none? reduce sort take to_set
any? collect_concat detect each_cons each_with_index exclude? find_index grep inject map max_by minmax one? reverse_each sort_by take_while zip
chunk count drop each_entry each_with_object find first group_by lazy map_to min minmax_by partition slice_before sum threaded_map
Nori::CoreExt::Hash#methods: normalize_param to_params to_xml_attributes
V8::Conversion::Hash#methods: to_v8
== compare_by_identity default diff encode_json flatten inspect length rassoc reverse_merge! slice symbolize_keys! to_liquid to_xml
as_json compare_by_identity? default= each eql? has_key? invert member? rehash reverse_update slice! to_a to_options update
assert_valid_keys deep_dup default_proc each_key except has_value? keep_if merge reject select store to_gmaps4rails to_options! value?
assoc deep_merge default_proc= each_pair except! hash key merge! reject! select! stringify_keys to_h to_param values
blank? deep_merge! delete each_value extract! include? key? pretty_print replace shift stringify_keys! to_hash to_query values_at
clear deep_symbolize_keys delete_if empty? fetch index keys pretty_print_cycle reverse_merge size symbolize_keys to_json to_s with_indifferent_access
ActiveSupport::OrderedHash#methods: encode_with extractable_options? nested_under_indifferent_access to_yaml to_yaml_type
ActiveSupport::OrderedOptions#methods: [] []= method_missing respond_to?
ActiveSupport::InheritableOptions#methods: inheritable_copy
ActiveSupport::Configurable::Configuration#methods: compile_methods!
#<Class:0xb8f4e33c>#methods: allow_forgery_protection asset_host asset_path assets_dir cache_store javascripts_dir logger perform_caching relative_url_root request_forgery_protection_token stylesheets_dir
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