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Script to use the WormBase REST API to retrieve phenotypes (from RNAi, mutants) for an input list of C.elegans genes
import os
import sys
import requests # this is used to access json files
# use the wormbase REST API to retrieve the phenotypes (from mutants, RNAi) for a particular gene:
def retrieve_phenotypes_from_wormbase(gene):
server = ""
ext = "/rest/field/gene/%s/phenotype" % gene
r = requests.get(server+ext, headers={ "Content-Type" : "application/json", "Accept" : ""})
if not r.ok:
decoded = r.json()
# print(decoded)
# based on looking at the example
results = list() # a list of the phenotype info. results
phenotypes = decoded["phenotype"]
phenotypes = phenotypes["data"]
for phenotype in phenotypes:
phenotype = phenotype["phenotype"]
phenotype_id = phenotype["id"]
label = phenotype["label"]
result = (phenotype_id, label)
return results
# read in the input list of C.elegans genes of interest:
def read_input_list_of_genes(input_genelist_file, output_file):
cnt = 0
# open the output file:
with open(output_file, 'w') as f:
# read in the list of C.elegans genes:
inputfileObj = open(input_genelist_file, "r")
for line in inputfileObj:
line = line.rstrip()
temp = line.split()
# 1 WBGene00000079
gene = temp[1] # e.g. WBGene00000079
cnt += 1
# get the phenotypes for this gene:
print(cnt,"Finding the phenotypes for gene",gene)
results = retrieve_phenotypes_from_wormbase(gene)
# write the phenotypes to the output file:
for result in results:
(phenotype_id, label) = result
output_line = "%s\t%s\t%s\n" % (gene, phenotype_id, label)
#xxx what about if no phenotype?
def main():
# check the command-line arguments:
if len(sys.argv) != 3 or os.path.exists(sys.argv[1]) == False:
print("Usage: %s input_genelist_file output_file" % sys.argv[0])
input_genelist_file = sys.argv[1] # input file with a list of C.elegans genes of interest
output_file = sys.argv[2]
# read in the input list of C.elegans genes of interest:
print("Reading in gene list...")
read_input_list_of_genes(input_genelist_file, output_file)
if __name__=="__main__":
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