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Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
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OCaml iocaml on MacOS X 10.9 howto
# Various things to get OCaml/IPython working on MacOS X
# get the right version of zmq
brew tap homebrew/versions
brew install zeromq32
brew link zeromq32
# install ipython
pip install ipython
pip install pyzmq
pip install jinja2
pip install tornado
# install from latest opam sources
opam update
opam install iocaml
# configure ipython
ipython profile create iocaml
cp -r `opam config var share`/iocaml/profile/* ~/.ipython/profile_iocaml
# all set!
git clone git://
cd iocaml/notebooks
ipython notebook --profile iocaml
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fdagnat commented Feb 18, 2014

This script worked like a charm on my os x 10.9...
Thanks for sharing

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A wee FYI; this line is almost certainly correct for this installation procedure

cp -r `opam config var share`/iocaml/profile/* ~/.ipython/profile_iocaml

However, if you play with different versions of IPython the profile directory can mysteriously move! This should always work

cp -r `opam config var share`/iocaml/profile/* `ipython locate profile iocaml`

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I'm giving this a try, but the directory (opam config var share)/iocaml/ is empty (there is no `profile sub directory).

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