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LwIP 2.0.5 -> 2.1.2 Changelog
++ Bugfixes:
2018-11-21: Jens Nielsen
* netbiosns.c: fix expecting too large packet (bug #55069)
2018-11-19: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* smtp.c: fix compiling with strict C compatibility because of strnlen (bug #55034)
2018-11-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fix overflow check in tcp_recved triggering invalid assertion (bug #55015)
2018-11-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fix a bug in sending RST segments (sent from port 0)
++ Bugfixes:
2018-11-01: Joan Lledó
* sockets.c: fix bad assertion in lwip_poll_dec_sockets_used() (bug #54933)
2018-11-01: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* ip4.c: don't send 127.* to default netif (bug #54670)
2018-10-23: David Girault
* altcp_tls_mbedtls.c: fix use-after free (bug #54774)
2018-10-23: Ognjen Bjelica, Dirk Ziegelmeier
* snmp_scalar.c: Avoid NULL pointer dereference (bug #54886)
2018-10-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* Fix missing standard includes in multiple files
2018-10-17: Ivan Warren
* def.h: fix casting htonX and ntohX to u16_t (bug #54850)
2018-10-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* Revert "tcp_abandon: no need to buffer pcb->local_port" (fix that source port was 0 for RST
called when aborting a connection)
2018-10-11: Jonas Rabenstein
* tcp.c: tcp_recved: check for overflow and warn about too big values (patch #9699)
2018-10-06: Joan Lledó
* sockets.c: alloc_socket(): Check for LWIP_SOCKET_POLL when setting select-
related variables (patch #9696)
2018-10-04: Spencer
* tcp.c: Update prev pointer when skipping entries in tcp_slowtmr (patch #9694)
2018-09-27: Martine Lenders
* lowpan6.c: Fix IEEE 802.15.4 address setting (bug #54749)
++ New features:
2018-06-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* lwiperf: implemented iPerf client mode
2018-04-23: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* added cmake build files
2018-03-04: Ray Abram
* netbios responder: respond to '*' queries
2018-02-23: Benjamin Aigner
* 6lowpan: add 6lowpan-over-BLE netif (based on existing 6lowpan netif)
2018-02-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* ipv6: add support for stateless DHCPv6 (to get DNS servers in SLAAC nets)
2018-02-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* add raw API http(s) client (with proxy support)
2018-02-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: add hooks to implement additional socket options
2018-02-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: add hooks to implement tcp md5 signatures or similar (see contrib/addons for an example)
2018-01-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* Added sys_mbox_trypost_fromisr() and tcpip_callbackmsg_trycallback_fromisr()
These can be used to post preallocated messages from an ISR to the tcpip thread
(e.g. when using FreeRTOS)
2018-01-02: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking requirements are met
2017-11-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* task #14600: tcp_alloc(): kill TF_CLOSEPEND connections before other ESTABLISHED
2017-11-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* makefsdata: added option "-ssi:<filename>" to control SSI tag checking/insertion
through a list of filenames, not by checking the file extension at runtime
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