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FakeIt 2.0.5-7-g362271d -> 2.0.5-13-g317419c Changelog
commit 317419c2e2f5a98e023a4d62628eb149fe3d3c3a (HEAD -> particle, upstream/master, origin/particle, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)
Merge: b563c57 adb7d15
Author: Eran Pe'er <>
Date: Sat Jun 1 22:41:25 2019 -0700
Merge pull request #176 from conradjones/master
add helper function UncaughtException to wrap std::uncaught_exception…
commit b563c5795e483a3f35dcfb908f01e01c03a23e94
Merge: 660c1d9 1da0b3c
Author: Eran Pe'er <>
Date: Mon May 27 06:58:44 2019 -0700
Merge pull request #165 from alnkpa/feature/support-catch2-2.3.0-and-beyond
#154 adapt to new catch2 include paths
commit 660c1d94d24c04f23d201e9d972c4b31bba6bcb8
Merge: 362271d c93de70
Author: Eran Pe'er <>
Date: Mon May 27 06:54:34 2019 -0700
Merge pull request #172 from jaques-sam/master
Fix warning on unused variable
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