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Last active Oct 13, 2021
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[SOLVED] Proxmox VE and cloud-init snippets etc

Proxmox VE 6.x release includes a feature to add custom cloud-init configs. Unfortunately there is poor documentation, so I had to figure this out by adding pieces of information together.

The custom cloud-init files (user-data, meta-data, network-config)

The cloud-init files need to be stored in a snippet. This is not very well documented:

  1. Go to Storage View -> Storage -> Add -> Directory
  2. Give it an ID such as snippets, and specify any path on your host such as /snippets
  3. Under Content choose Snippets and de-select Disk image (optional)
  4. Upload (scp/rsync/whatever) your user-data, meta-data, network-config files to your proxmox server in /snippets/snippets/ (the directory should be there if you followed steps 1-3)

Finally, you just need to qm set with --cicustom, like this:

qm set 100 --cicustom "user=snippets:snippets/user-data,network=snippets:snippets/network-config,meta=snippets:snippets/meta-data"

Replace 100 with the ID of your VM.

Add CloudInit Drive

Your VM needs a CloudInit Drive as well, since Proxmox adds your cloud-init data from your snippets into that drive (/dev/sr0 ?). Leave the Cloud-Init UI settings to default, since they won't be used anyways.


For the moment, you can not put the user-data, meta-data, network-config in any subdirectories, so something like this will fail:

qm set 100 --cicustom "user=snippets:snippets/cloud/data/user-data,network=snippets:snippets/cloud/data/network-config,meta=snippets:snippets/cloud/data/meta-data"

Finally, to apply the new cloud-init config you'll need to power off/on the VM (not reboot).

Once booted

Once booted, your platform/datasource will be seen as nocloud and not OpenStack... assuming you're familiar with cloud-init, everything else should work perfectly.

Hope this helps someone out there!


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@mromero-convoso mromero-convoso commented Feb 19, 2021

I had to run the following command to get "snippets" to show up as a type in the GUI:
pvesm set local --content images,rootdir,vztmpl,backup,iso,snippets


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@aw aw commented Feb 20, 2021

Ah yes, there's a way to do that in the GUI as well, but I forgot to document that step (and forgot where it's located). Thanks!


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@billzhong billzhong commented Feb 20, 2021

I did't create a new Directory with content Snippets selected. Instead, I enable Snippets content for my local storage by using @mromero-convoso 's command. Then I do something like:
qm set 100 --cicustom "user=local:snippets/userconfig.yaml"


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@newcoderlife newcoderlife commented Jul 18, 2021

Thanks a lot! It's a great help.

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