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Mautic Cronjob Codes - Last Updated August 8, 2019
I lost access to my previous account GitHub Account (@sc0rpi0n95), So i forked the code here to make modifications and keep it updated.
Disclaimer: This code is not the official documentation from, not is it indorced by Please use at your own discretion.
Step 1: Replace "*" with your directory path to your Mautic Installation
Step 2: create folder inside your Mautic installation called "cron_logs"
Step 3: Copy the code into your Cron Jobs manager.
Every Minute (Shared: Every 1-15 minutes)
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:segments:update > */cron_logs/segments_update.log 2>&1
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:campaigns:rebuild > */cron_logs/campaigns_rebuild.log 2>&1
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:campaigns:trigger > */cron_logs/campaigns_trigger.log 2>&1
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:emails:send > */cron_logs/emails_sends.log 2>&1
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:messages:send > */cron_logs/messages_sends.log 2>&1
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:broadcasts:send > */cron_logs/broadcasts.log 2>&1
Every 5 Minutes (Shared: Every 5-20 Minutes)
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:email:fetch > */cron_logs/email_fetch.log 2>&1
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:webhooks:process > */cron_logs/webhooks_process.log 2>&1
Every 30 Minutes (Shared: Every 30 - 60 Minutes)
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:social:monitoring > */cron_logs/social_monitoring.log 2>&1
Daily (Shared: Daily)
/usr/local/bin/php */app/console mautic:iplookup:download > */cron_logs/iplookup.log 2>&1
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