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Created Aug 22, 2016
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Nox Script sample from Kingdoms
// Translation of the script in Kingdoms
int RedBookcase1;
int RedBookcase2;
int RedPlate;
int BlueBookcase1;
int BlueBookcase2;
int BluePlate;
object RedWaypoint1a;
object RedWaypoint1b;
object RedWaypoint1c;
object RedWaypoint2a;
object RedWaypoint2b;
object RedWaypoint2c;
object BlueWaypoint1a;
object BlueWaypoint1b;
object BlueWaypoint1c;
object BlueWaypoint2a;
object BlueWaypoint2b;
object BlueWaypoint2c;
object RedWalls;
object BlueWalls;
void MapInitialize()
RedBookcase1 = Object("RCase1");
RedBookcase2 = Object("RCase2");
RedPlate = Object("RPlate");
BlueBookcase1 = Object("BCase1");
BlueBookcase2 = Object("BCase2");
BluePlate = Object("BPlate");
RedWaypoint1a = Waypoint("R1a");
RedWaypoint1b = Waypoint("R1b");
RedWaypoint1c = Waypoint("R1c");
RedWaypoint2a = Waypoint("R2a");
RedWaypoint2b = Waypoint("R2b");
RedWaypoint2c = Waypoint("R2c");
BlueWaypoint1a = Waypoint("B1a");
BlueWaypoint1b = Waypoint("B1b");
BlueWaypoint1c = Waypoint("B1c");
BlueWaypoint2a = Waypoint("B2a");
BlueWaypoint2b = Waypoint("B2b");
BlueWaypoint2c = Waypoint("B2c");
RedWalls = WallGroup("RWalls");
BlueWalls = WallGroup("BWalls");
void BlueOpen()
Move(BlueBookcase1, BlueWaypoint1b);
Move(BlueBookcase2, BlueWaypoint2b);
FrameTimer(13, BlueOpen2);
void BlueOpen2()
Move(BlueBookcase1, BlueWaypoint1c);
Move(BlueBookcase2, BlueWaypoint2c);
FrameTimer(150, BlueClose);
void BlueClose()
Move(BlueBookcase1, BlueWaypoint1b);
Move(BlueBookcase2, BlueWaypoint2b);
FrameTimer(23, BlueClose2);
void BlueClose2()
Move(BlueBookcase1, BlueWaypoint1a);
Move(BlueBookcase2, BlueWaypoint2a);
FrameTimer(1, EnableBPlate);
void EnableBPlate()
void RedOpen()
Move(RedBookcase1, RedWaypoint1b);
Move(RedBookcase2, RedWaypoint2b);
FrameTimer(13, RedOpen2);
void RedOpen2()
Move(RedBookcase1, RedWaypoint1c);
Move(RedBookcase2, RedWaypoint2c);
FrameTimer(150, RedClose);
void RedClose()
Move(RedBookcase1, RedWaypoint1b);
Move(RedBookcase2, RedWaypoint2b);
FrameTimer(23, RedClose2);
void RedClose2()
Move(RedBookcase1, RedWaypoint1a);
Move(RedBookcase2, RedWaypoint2a);
FrameTimer(1, EnableRPlate);
void EnableRPlate()
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