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Allows the user to rename boxes in MotionBuilder relation constraints.
Written by Alex Forsythe (
When executed, attempts to locate any selected box within any relation
constraint in the scene. If a selected relation box is found, prompts the user
to enter a new name for that box. Allows relation boxes to be given more
descriptive names. I'd recommend binding this script to a keyboard shortcut
(see MotionBuilder/bin/config/Scripts/ActionScript.txt) for quick access.
from pyfbsdk import *
def get_first(f, xs):
Returns the first x in xs for which f returns True, or else None.
for x in xs:
if f(x):
return x
return None
def get_selected_relation_box():
Returns a relation constraint box which has been selected by the user, or
None if no relation boxes are selected.
for relation in [c for c in FBSystem().Scene.Constraints if c.Is(FBConstraintRelation_TypeInfo())]:
box = get_first(lambda box: box.Selected, relation.Boxes)
if box:
return box
return None
def get_new_box_name(box):
Prompts the user to enter a new name for the given box. Returns the new
name if the user confirms the rename operation, or None if the user
button, string = FBMessageBoxGetUserValue(
'Rename Box?',
'Current name: %s' % box.Name,
return string if button == 1 else None
def rename_selected_relation_box():
Prompts the user to enter a new name for a selected relation constraint
box. If no boxes are selected, has no effect.
box = get_selected_relation_box()
if box:
name = get_new_box_name(box)
if name:
box.Name = name
if __name__ in ('__main__', '__builtin__'):
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