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Created July 12, 2019 13:19
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An R Shiny Modal in a Module
# define the module UI
moduleUI <- function(id) {
# create the namespace from the id
ns <- NS(id)
# As this is a function, the last statement will be the return value.
# Make sure it contains all of the UI elements you want to display
actionButton(ns("show"), "Show modal dialog"),
# define the module "business logic"
module <- function(input, output, session) {
# reactiveValues object for storing current data set.
vals <- reactiveValues(data = NULL)
# Return the UI for a modal dialog with data selection input. If 'failed' is
# TRUE, then display a message that the previous value was invalid.
dataModal <- function(failed = FALSE) {
# load the namespace
ns <- session$ns
# build the modal
# make sure to wrap all id tokens in ns()
textInput(ns("dataset"), "Choose data set",
placeholder = 'Try "mtcars" or "abc"'),
span('(Try the name of a valid data object like "mtcars", ',
'then a name of a non-existent object like "abc")'),
if (failed)
div(tags$b("Invalid name of data object", style = "color: red;")),
footer = tagList(
actionButton(ns("ok"), "OK") # wrapped in ns()
# Show modal when button is clicked.
observeEvent(input$show, {
# When OK button is pressed, attempt to load the data set. If successful,
# remove the modal. If not show another modal, but this time with a failure
# message.
observeEvent(input$ok, {
# Check that data object exists and is data frame.
if (!is.null(input$dataset) && nzchar(input$dataset) &&
exists(input$dataset) &&$dataset))) {
vals$data <- get(input$dataset)
} else {
showModal(dataModal(failed = TRUE))
# Display information about selected data
output$dataInfo <- renderPrint({
if (is.null(vals$data))
"No data selected"
# Modularised version of:
# Created using instructions at:
# get the module UI from the sourced file
ui = basicPage(
# call the module with the same id ("main") as above
server = function(input, output) {
callModule(module, "main")
# run the app
shinyApp(ui, server)
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