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Compiler C++ Version Defaults

C++ -std=... default of various commonly used C++ compilers

Compiler Version __cplusplus
g++ 4.7.4 199711L
5.5.0 199711L
6.1.0 201402L
10.2 201402L
11.1.0 201703L
clang++ 3.4.2 199711L
5.0.0 199711L
6.0.0 201402L
12.0.1 201402L
hipcc 4.0.0 201103L
4.1.0 201103L
icpc 15.0.2 199711L
17.0.2 199711L
18.0.1 201402L
21.1.1 201402L
icpc (classic/oneAPI) 2021.1 Beta 20200602 201402L
icpx (oneAPI) 2021.1.2 201402L
dpcpp 2021.1-beta07 (2020.5.0.0604) 201703L
pgc++ 16.1 199711L
17.5 199711L
18.3 201402L
xlc++ 14.1b2 199711L
(XLClang) 16.1.1 199711L
crayc++ (classic) 8.7.9 201402L
crayc++ (LLVM) 9.0.0 201402L
msvc 19.28 199711L
19.28 199711L

Note: MSVC __cplusplus defines are unreliable.
Note: For Clang++, the -x hip|cuda frontend default differs from -x c++ for older releases.

Meaning of __cplusplus

__cplusplus C++ Standard
199711L C++98
201103L C++11
201402L C++14
201703L C++17
202002L C++20
TBD C++23

Meaning of __STDC_VERSION__

Random fun fact: The C standard for C-compilers defines a similar macro, __STDC_VERSION__:

__STDC_VERSION__ C Standard
undefined earlier
199409L C95
199901L C99
201112L C11
201710L C18

Default of various commonly used C compilers

Compiler Version __STDC_VERSION__
gcc 4.9.4 undefined
5.1.0 201112L
8.1 201710L
clang 3.0.0 199901L
3.5.2 199901L
3.6 201112L
11.0 201710L
icc (classic/oneAPI) 21.1.9 201112L
icpx (oneAPI) 2021.1.2 201710L


Inspired by

$CXX -dM -E -x c++  /dev/null | grep -F __cplusplus

or just check if this C++14 snippet compiles and read its assembly:

struct X {
    static constexpr int value = __cplusplus;

int main() {
    auto const x = X::value;
    return 0;

Equivalently for C:

cc -dM -E -x c  /dev/null | grep -F __STDC_VERSION__

or in code:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(){
    printf("%ld", __STDC_VERSION__);

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@ArmenGishyan ArmenGishyan commented Jan 10, 2020

Great job.


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Owner Author

@ax3l ax3l commented Jan 11, 2020

Thank you, I am glad it's helpful for you!


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@andreyv andreyv commented Oct 27, 2020

Note: __STDC_VERSION__ is also defined for C95 and C99.


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@ax3l ax3l commented Jan 6, 2021

Thank you, updated accordingly.
It's known but not all compilers define it prior to C11.

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