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Python library for generating WXR files
"""Utility functions to create a WXR file for Wordpress.
import datetime
import os
from lxml import etree as ET
from lxml.etree import CDATA
# XML namespaces declarations
DC_NS = ""
WP_NS = ""
"dc": DC_NS,
"wp": WP_NS,
"content": CONTENT_NS,
"excerpt": EXCERPT_NS
# To make use of namespaces easier
DC = "{{{0}}}".format(DC_NS)
WP = "{{{0}}}".format(WP_NS)
CONTENT = "{{{0}}}".format(CONTENT_NS)
EXCERPT = "{{{0}}}".format(EXCERPT_NS)
def create_root_node():
# Passing the namespaces map in order to use tags such as <wp:author>
root = ET.Element("rss", version="2.0", nsmap=NSMAP)
return root
def create_text_node(parent, name, content):
node = ET.SubElement(parent, name)
node.text = content
return node
def create_channel_node(root_node, website_title, website_root, language):
channel_node = ET.SubElement(root_node, "channel")
create_text_node(channel_node, "title", website_title)
create_text_node(channel_node, "link", website_root)
create_text_node(channel_node, "language", language)
create_text_node(channel_node, WP + "wxr_version", "1.2")
create_text_node(channel_node, WP + "base_site_url", website_root)
create_text_node(channel_node, WP + "base_blog_url", website_root)
wp_author = ET.SubElement(channel_node, WP + 'author')
create_text_node(wp_author, WP + "author_id", "1")
create_text_node(wp_author, WP + "author_login", CDATA("author"))
create_text_node(wp_author, WP + "author_email", CDATA("author@domain.tld"))
create_text_node(wp_author, WP + "author_display_name", CDATA("author"))
create_text_node(channel_node, "generator", "")
return channel_node
def create_item_node(*, parent, post_id, title, link, post_name, status, post_type):
item = ET.SubElement(parent, 'item')
create_text_node(item, "title", title)
create_text_node(item, "link", link)
create_text_node(item, DC + "creator", CDATA("author"))
create_text_node(item, "description", "")
create_text_node(item, WP + "post_id", post_id)
create_text_node(item, WP + "post_date", CDATA('{0:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S}'.format(
create_text_node(item, WP + "post_date_gmt", CDATA('{0:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S}'.format(datetime.datetime.utcnow())))
create_text_node(item, WP + "comment_status", CDATA("closed"))
create_text_node(item, WP + "ping_status", CDATA("closed"))
create_text_node(item, WP + "post_name", CDATA(post_name))
create_text_node(item, WP + "status", CDATA(status))
create_text_node(item, WP + "post_parent", "0")
create_text_node(item, WP + "menu_order", "0")
create_text_node(item, WP + "post_type", CDATA(post_type))
create_text_node(item, WP + "post_password", CDATA(""))
create_text_node(item, WP + "is_sticky", "0")
return item
def create_post_meta_node(parent, key, value):
post_meta = ET.SubElement(parent, WP + "postmeta")
create_text_node(post_meta, WP + "meta_key", CDATA(key))
create_text_node(post_meta, WP + "meta_value", CDATA(value))
def serialize_array(array):
string = 'a:{0}:{{'.format(len(array) // 2)
for el in array:
string += 's:{0}:"{1}";'.format(len(el), el)
string += '}'
return string
def write_xml(root_node, filename):
tree = ET.ElementTree(root_node)
os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(filename), exist_ok=True)
tree.write(filename, pretty_print=True, encoding='utf-8', xml_declaration=True)

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