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Performance monitoring for Ember versions
- Ensure that you have ember-cli installed
- Clone
- Run CouchDB to save the results
- Initialize the database using node_modules/.bin/perfjankie --couch-database=ember-perf --couch-user=admin_user --couch-pwd=admin_pass --only-update-site --couch-server=http://localhost:5984
To Run Tests
1. Update version of ember in bower.json
2. Run ember build --environment production
3. Run a HTTP server on dist directory, at port 8080
4. Data is recorded in the CouchDB database.
- You may also have to replace this.get('attrs.db') to this.get('db').samples in app/components/dbmon-database.js
- You may also have to replace {{}} to {{}} in app/templates/components/dbmon-database.hbs
- Using Ember canary -
- If ember-cli fails due to rimraf/glob error, just create a dummy glob.hasMagic function
var perfjankie = require('perfjankie');
var version = require('./../dbmonster/bower.json').dependencies.ember;
url: '',
name: 'DBMonster',
time: (version + '.....').split(/[\.-]/g).slice(0, 5).map(function(part) {
return ('ZZZZZ' + part).slice(-5);
}).join('.'), // Hack to sort versions, assuming version is like 1.12.0-beta.1 or 1.12.0
run: version,
couch: {
server: 'http://localhost:5984',
database: 'ember-perf'
browsers: [{
browserName: 'android',
selenium: 'http://localhost:9515',
repeat: 30
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