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React Native JSI Example
// This sample is a Work in Progress for JSI , and specific functions may change.
#pragma once
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <jsi/jsi.h>
// This SameplJSIObject needs to inheric from HostObject, and this is the object that will be exposed to JS.
// From JS, we can call various methods or access properties on this object.
// Look at for more details
class JSI_EXPORT SampleJSIObject : public facebook::jsi::HostObject {
// STEP 1: Expose "window.__SampleJSIObject" to JavaScript.
// This is a static function, typically called from Java or ObjC when the application is initialized.
// In java, jsi::Runtime &runtime is basically catalystInstance.getJavaScriptContextHolder()
static void SampleJSIObject::install(jsi::Runtime &runtime) {
jsi::PropNameID::forAscii(runtime, "__SampleJSIObject"),
[binding](jsi::Runtime& rt, const jsi::Value& thisVal, const jsi::Value* args, size_t count) {
// Whenever someone accesses __SampleJSIObject, this is what gets exposed.
return std::make_shared<SampleJSIObject>();
// This is like the getter. Any property or method access from JS goes through this method.
// For example, when we call window.__sampleJSIObject.method1(), this method is called
jsi::Value TurboModule::get(jsi::Runtime& runtime, const jsi::PropNameID& propName) {
std::string propNameUtf8 = propName.utf8(runtime);
// When window.__sampleJSIObject.method1() is called, propNameUtf8 == 'method1'
return jsi::Function::createFromHostFunction(
propName, // Whats the name of the property that is called
argCount, // How many args does this method take
[](facebook::jsi::Runtime &rt, const facebook::jsi::Value &thisVal, const facebook::jsi::Value *args, size_t count) {
if (propNameUtf8 == 'method1') {
// Call a Java Method, that should be executed when window.__sampleJSIObject.method1() is called in JS.
// Note that we should convert jsi::Value *args to jni types
// The return type of Java Method should also be convereted back to jsi::Value
std::vector<PropNameID> getPropertyNames(Runtime& rt){
// Return a list of strings, that correspond to methods and properties
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ken0x0a commented Jun 16, 2023

Line 28 can be 0

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Line 28 can be 0

The number there is the argument count.

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