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import sys
import io
import csv
import re
import lxml.etree as le
class RegexDict(dict):
def get_matching(self, event):
return (self[key] for key in self if re.match(key, event))

Twitter autoresponder bot

By Daniel15 ( This is a very simple Twitter autoresponder bot. It requires PECL OAuth extension to be installed (run "pecl install oauth", or if on Windows, grab php-oauth.dll. If using cPanel you can install it via WHM). The authentication is designed for command-line usage, it won't work too well via a web browser. You'll have to sign up for an application on Twitter's site to get the consumer key and secret.

Could be modified to be more advanced (match regular expressions to answer questions, etc.)

View LDAP password mask
<tr valign="top">
<td class="label">{fieldLabel name="managerpwd" key="plugins.auth.ldap.settings.managerpwd"}</td>
<td class="value">
<input type="password" id="managerpwd" name="settings[managerpwd]" value="{$settings.managerpwd|escape}" size="30" maxlength="255"
class="textField" />
<br />
<span class="instruct">{translate key="plugins.auth.ldap.settings.managerpwd.description"}</span>
View ShibNoTexas
;Is implicit authentication enabled or not
;implicit_auth = On
;Implicit Auth Header Variables
;implicit_auth_header_first_name = HTTP_GIVENNAME
;implicit_auth_header_last_name = HTTP_SN
;implicit_auth_header_email = HTTP_MAIL
;implicit_auth_header_phone = HTTP_TELEPHONENUMBER
View ldap authenticate
function authenticate($username, $password) {
$valid = false;
if ($password != null) {
if ($this->open()) {
if ($entry = $this->getUserEntry($username)) {
$userdn = ldap_get_dn($this->conn, $entry);
if ($this->bind($userdn, $password)) {
$valid = true;