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How to use string as a key in a mapping in Solidity aka. how to store short strings cheape
// In Solidity, a mapping is like a hashmap and works with `string` like this:
// mapping (string => uint) a;
// However it doesn't support accessors where string is a key:
// mapping (string => uint) public a;
// "Internal compiler error: Accessors for mapping with dynamically-sized keys not yet implemented."
// An accessor returns uint when called as `a(string)`.
// As a short term solution, until it is implemented in Solidity, use the conversion code below. It also uses half as much storage space.
// See more utilities soon at
library StringAsKey {
function convert(string key) returns (bytes32 ret) {
if (bytes(key).length > 32) {
assembly {
ret := mload(add(key, 32))

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commented Aug 30, 2017

Thanks for this solution, but can you explain how is this applied? for what I understand this solution propose to declare the mapping like this(?): mapping (bytes32 => uint) public a;, is that right?

so to access the mapping one should do like this: a[convert("some_key")];

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