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create_test() ->
Fann = fannerl:create_standard({2,2,1}),
?debugMsg("exiting create_test").
get_mse_test() ->
Fann = fannerl:create_standard({2,2,1}),
0.0 = fannerl:get_mse(Fann),
?debugMsg("exiting get_mse_test").
activation_function_test() ->
Fann = fannerl:create_standard({2,2,1}),
fann_sigmoid_stepwise = fannerl:get_activation_function(Fann, 1, 1),
ok = fannerl:set_activation_function(Fann, fann_sigmoid, 1, 1),
?debugMsg("before last get"),
fann_sigmoid = fannerl:get_activation_function(Fann, 1, 1),
?debugMsg("after last get"),
?debugMsg("exiting last test").
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