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Pterodactyl on CentOS 7

# remove wifi card firmwares
yum remove -y iwl*-firmware
yum update -y

# install extra repos and yum-config-manager
yum install -y epel-release yum-utils
yum-config-manager --disable remi-php54
View ft-stock-checker.userscript.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name FastTech Stock Checker
// @namespace
// @version 0.0.2
// @description Show the stock info on the FastTech search page.
// @author ayan4m1 <>
// @match*
// @match*
// @require
// @require

How to adjust PG/VG ratio

One of the more common questions that comes up when talking about short fills is how to reach a given PG/VG ratio. The short fill bottle has a VG/PG ratio, and you might have your nicotine in PG, VG, or some combination of the two. Let’s work through a few examples to see how you can easily get your desired final ratio.

Example 1: All-PG or all-VG nicotine

We’ll start with the simplest case first. Let’s say you have a 60ml short fill bottle with 45ml of 70/30 VG/PG liquid in it to start. Your nicotine is 100% PG.

In this scenario, you cannot end up with a 70/30 finished product unless you pre-mix your nicotine to also be 70/30 or remove some of the flavor base from the short fill bottle.

View .bashrc
alias git-recent-branches="git for-each-ref --sort=committerdate refs/heads/"
alias git-update-master="git fetch --all && git checkout master && git rebase upstream/master && git push origin master"
alias gfa="git fetch --all"
alias gco="git checkout"
ayan4m1 / ffcp.ini
Created Jul 28, 2019
Printer configuration for Slic3r for FlashForge Creator Pro
View ffcp.ini
# generated by Slic3r 1.3.0 on
bed_shape = -112.5x-72.5,112.5x-72.5,112.5x72.5,-112.5x72.5
before_layer_gcode = T0;\nM109 S[bed_temperature] T0; set bed temperature\nM104 S[temperature_0] T0; set extruder temperature
between_objects_gcode =
end_gcode = M73 P100 ; end build progress\nG162 X Y F2500; home X and Y axes\nM18; disable all stepper motors\nM109 S0 T0; set bed temperature to 0\nM104 S0 T0; set extruder temperature to 0
extruder_offset = 50x0,0x0
gcode_flavor = sailfish
has_heatbed = 1
host_type = octoprint
layer_gcode =

NOTE: Click the "Raw" button in the upper right corner of this pane to get a template you can copy into Reddit. Thanks to /r/DIY_ejuice and /u/ConcreteRiver for commentary and the original format respectively!

Hardware: Describe your build (coil diameter, material, wicking, and resistance), atomizer (model), and device (model and settings) information.

Mixing: Describe everything required to reproduce the liquid you used to test. VG/PG ratio and percentage(s) at a minimum, ideally with notes about handling and/or steeping.

Flavor profile: Describe the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the concentrate. Pay particular attention to the experience that the flavor(s) impart.

Throat hit: Describe quantitatively (a ten point scale is common) and qualitatively (what your throat feels like during and after a hit).

View vscode.json
"editor.tabSize": 2,
"editor.insertSpaces": true,
"editor.formatOnSave": true,
"eslint.enable": true,
"": "onSave",
"eslint.autoFixOnSave": true,
"stylelint.enable": true,
"prettier.eslintIntegration": true,
"prettier.stylelintIntegration": true
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