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Created Feb 14, 2017
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import records
import datetime
db = records.Database('mysql://root:a6478a14@')
print('Welcome to Softbank. Please enter your username and password...')
username = raw_input('Username: ')
password = raw_input('Password: ')
# This SQL library does not immediately run the query and store the results until we tell it to.
# In our case, this is not very helpful, but when running a query with hundreds of thousands of rows,
# we may not want to immediately load them all into RAM
result = db.query("SELECT * FROM user WHERE username = '" + username + "' AND password = '" + password + "';")
# Load all rows from query
result_data = result.all()
# Returns the number of rows returned from the query
rows = len(result_data)
success = "0"
if rows > 0:
print 'Welcome ' + result_data[0]['first_name'] + '!'
success = "1"
print 'Invalid username and password combination. Please try again.'
# We need to run an extra query searching with just the username, in case the user entered the password incorrectly,
# then we can still select the username for adding a failed login attempt
# Using two SQL queries would probably be bad would probably just use a string comparison between the username
# and password entered
username_id = db.query("SELECT * FROM user WHERE username = '" + username + "';").all()
if username_id:
# Get the current time from the system clock, and convert it to the MySQL datetime style
current_time = datetime.datetime.utcnow().strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
db.query("INSERT INTO login VALUES (NULL, " + str(username_id[0]['id']) + ", '" + current_time + "', " + success + ");")
# Add the login attempt to the login table. This will add all successful and failed attempts to log in with this username
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