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L0038: mov eax, esi
L003a: sar eax, 0x1f
L003d: mov edx, esi
L003f: mov esi, eax
L0041: movzx ebx, byte [edi]
L0044: test esi, esi
L0046: jnz L004d
L0048: cmp edx, 0x1
L004b: jz L0071
L004d: movzx eax, byte [edi+0x1]
L0051: shl eax, 0x8
L0054: or ebx, eax
L0056: test esi, esi
L0058: jnz L005f
L005a: cmp edx, 0x2
L005d: jz L0071
L005f: movsx eax, word [edi+0x2]
L0063: shl eax, 0x10
L0066: or ebx, eax
L0068: test esi, esi
L006a: jnz L0075
L006c: cmp edx, 0x4
L006f: jnz L0075
L0071: mov eax, ebx
L0073: jmp L007d
L0075: push esi
L0076: push edx
L0077: call dword [0x2e7b16cc]
L007d: mov ecx, eax
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