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Last active November 20, 2017 03:45
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How to install Eagle 8.4.1 on Linux if you get OpenSSL errors

Special thanks to nate on #openssl and [R] on #linux on Freenode.

I downloaded Eagle 8.4.1 on my Gentoo box, and untar'ed it in my downloads folder. I went to run with ./eagle, but it gave me errors about OpenSSL!

Now, I don't like dumping proprietary software all over my hyper-secure ultima-fast uber-reliable system, so I want to keep Eagle 8.4.1 in it's own folder in ~/Downloads/eagle_-8.4.1/ and just create a shortcut to the binary in there.

Therefore, the full run command for Eagle is (replace $EAGLEHOME with your extracted directory or set EAGLEHOME equal to it):


This tells eagle to use the pre-compiled shared libraries the vendor supplied and NOT the ones installed on my system (if the vendor, Autodesk, supplied one).

But Autodesk supplied the wrong, so we are going to fix that.

First, back theirs up:


Second, download the proper OpenSSL library:

git clone -b OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable

Third, move into the directory and run the commands:

cd openssl
./config shared
make test

Fourth, copy the new files over:

cp $EAGLEHOME/lib/
cp $EAGLEHOME/lib/

and Bingo!

Run the proper run command, and it should work just fine.

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