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Pinebook eMMC performance
Iozone: Performance Test of File I/O
Version $Revision: 3.429 $
Compiled for 64 bit mode.
Build: linux
Contributors:William Norcott, Don Capps, Isom Crawford, Kirby Collins
Al Slater, Scott Rhine, Mike Wisner, Ken Goss
Steve Landherr, Brad Smith, Mark Kelly, Dr. Alain CYR,
Randy Dunlap, Mark Montague, Dan Million, Gavin Brebner,
Jean-Marc Zucconi, Jeff Blomberg, Benny Halevy, Dave Boone,
Erik Habbinga, Kris Strecker, Walter Wong, Joshua Root,
Fabrice Bacchella, Zhenghua Xue, Qin Li, Darren Sawyer,
Vangel Bojaxhi, Ben England, Vikentsi Lapa.
Run began: Mon Jan 30 20:59:21 2017
Include fsync in write timing
O_DIRECT feature enabled
Auto Mode
File size set to 102400 kB
Record Size 4 kB
Record Size 16 kB
Record Size 512 kB
Record Size 1024 kB
Record Size 16384 kB
Command line used: iozone -e -I -a -s 100M -r 4k -r 16k -r 512k -r 1024k -r 16384k -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 -f /media/ubuntu/d5dfe4e1-0bb0-470b-9705-6f4a3baac243/test
Output is in kBytes/sec
Time Resolution = 0.000001 seconds.
Processor cache size set to 1024 kBytes.
Processor cache line size set to 32 bytes.
File stride size set to 17 * record size.
random random bkwd record stride
kB reclen write rewrite read reread read write read rewrite read fwrite frewrite fread freread
102400 4 3527 3546 19972 19364 13828 3005
102400 16 10238 10384 46569 47557 36824 8753
102400 512 44921 43628 85599 85171 84587 39828
102400 1024 44950 43225 86097 86827 86214 41274
102400 16384 43510 43363 86599 87097 87053 47373

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srikantpatnaik commented Apr 5, 2017

hi, I have a pinebook with remixOS, I tried booting Ubuntu mate from sdcard, but can't see any display. Could you please help me in this regard. Thanks


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dkryder commented Apr 7, 2017

i do not think that remix image you have was built for the pinebook. the pinebook will not run with pine64 images, so did you build the remix image for pinebook or are you trying to use a pine64 image?


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danjng commented Jun 20, 2017

Can anyone direct me to a resource for installing a new eMMC? Can't seem to find one...


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strangepapyrus commented Jun 21, 2017

Remove screws from base, careful as front 4 screws are smaller than rest. Remove base panel with trackpad towards you. On the right hand side at rear is the mainboard. Unstick the large sticky panel at the rear and gently pull it up and towards you. A metal panel should unlock from the mainboard still stuck to the sticky panel hinging on the sticky panel closest to you. You should now see the emmc chip which can be removed by lifting up. Click the new emmc in place. Click the metal plate back to the mainboard and smooth back the sticky panel. Fix base panel back on. Done.

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