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Linking inorder successor in a binary tree
// Global var to contain the inorder predecessor
node * prev;
void add_inorder(node * nd)
// Base case
if (nd == NULL)
// Recursive call for inorder processing
// The current node has a predecessor
if (prev != NULL)
// Set the next pointer
prev->next = nd;
prev = nd;
// This is the first node in the inorder processing
prev = nd;
// Recursive call for inorder processing
void mark_inorder(node * root)
/* assuming the structure to be:
typedef struct node{
int val;
struct node * next;
struct node * left;
struct node * right;
} */
// Initialising the global variable
prev = NULL;
// calling the function to add the values to pointers
// Complete the next pointers by adding to the next
// pointer of last node in inorder processing, NULL
prev->next = NULL;
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