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Adobe Offline Package Builder v0.1.2 (macOS only) --- No longer being maintained.
CYAN="$(tput bold; tput setaf 6)"
RESET="$(tput sgr0)"
if command -v python3 > /dev/null 2>&1; then
if [ $(python3 -c "print('ye')") = "ye" ]; then
echo "${CYAN}python3 found!${RESET}"
echo "python3 found but non-functional" # probably xcode-select stub on Catalina+
echo "${CYAN}If you received a popup asking to install some tools, please accept.${RESET}"
read -n1 -r -p "Press [SPACE] when installation is complete, or any other key to abort." key
echo ""
if [ "$key" != '' ]; then
echo "${CYAN}installing python3...${RESET}"
if ! command -v brew > /dev/null 2>&1; then
echo | /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install python
python3 -c 'import requests' > /dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? == 0 ]; then
echo "${CYAN}requests found!${RESET}"
echo "${CYAN}installing requests...${RESET}"
python3 -m pip install requests --user
echo "${CYAN}starting ccdl${RESET}"
python3 <(curl -s
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# CHANGELOG (0.1.2-hotfix1)
# + updated script to work with new api (newer downloads work now)
# + added workaround for broken installer on big sur
# + made everything even more messy and disgusting
import os
import json
import argparse
import requests
session = requests.Session()
import shutil
from xml.etree import ElementTree as ET
from collections import OrderedDict
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
VERSION_STR = '0.1.2-hotfix1'
const app = Application.currentApplication()
app.includeStandardAdditions = true
name: 'HandleDataAction',
methods: {
'outData:': {
types: ['void', ['id']],
implementation: function(sender) {
const data = sender.object.availableData
if (data.length !== '0') {
const output = $.NSString.alloc.initWithDataEncoding(data, $.NSUTF8StringEncoding).js
const res = parseOutput(output)
if (res) {
switch (res.type) {
case 'progress':
Progress.additionalDescription = `Progress: ${}%`
Progress.completedUnitCount =
case 'exit':
if ( === 0) {
$.puts(JSON.stringify({ title: 'Installation succeeded' }))
} else {
$.puts(JSON.stringify({ title: `Failed with error code ${}` }))
} else {
function parseOutput(output) {
let matches
matches = output.match(/Progress: ([0-9]{1,3})%/)
if (matches) {
return {
type: 'progress',
data: parseInt(matches[1], 10)
matches = output.match(/Exit Code: ([0-9]{1,3})/)
if (matches) {
return {
type: 'exit',
data: parseInt(matches[1], 10)
return false
function shellescape(a) {
var ret = [];
a.forEach(function(s) {
if (/[^A-Za-z0-9_\\/:=-]/.test(s)) {
s = "'"+s.replace(/'/g,"'\\\\''")+"'";
s = s.replace(/^(?:'')+/g, '') // unduplicate single-quote at the beginning
.replace(/\\\\\'''/g, "\\\\'" ); // remove non-escaped single-quote if there are enclosed between 2 escaped
return ret.join(' ');
function run() {
const appPath = app.pathTo(this).toString()
//const driverPath = appPath.substring(0, appPath.lastIndexOf('/')) + '/products/driver.xml'
const driverPath = appPath + '/Contents/Resources/products/driver.xml'
const hyperDrivePath = '/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Desktop Common/HDBox/Setup'
// The JXA Objective-C bridge is completely broken in Big Sur
if (!$.NSProcessInfo && parseFloat(app.doShellScript('sw_vers -productVersion')) >= 11.0) {
app.displayAlert('GUI unavailable in Big Sur', {
message: 'JXA is currently broken in Big Sur.\\nInstall in Terminal instead?',
buttons: ['Cancel', 'Install in Terminal'],
defaultButton: 'Install in Terminal',
cancelButton: 'Cancel'
const cmd = shellescape([ 'sudo', hyperDrivePath, '--install=1', '--driverXML=' + driverPath ])
app.displayDialog('Run this command in Terminal to install (press \\'OK\\' to copy to clipboard)', { defaultAnswer: cmd })
const args = $.NSProcessInfo.processInfo.arguments
const argv = []
const argc = args.count
for (var i = 0; i < argc; i++) {
delete args
const installFlag = argv.indexOf('-y') > -1
if (!installFlag) {
app.displayAlert('Adobe Package Installer', {
message: 'Start installation now?',
buttons: ['Cancel', 'Install'],
defaultButton: 'Install',
cancelButton: 'Cancel'
const output = app.doShellScript(`"${appPath}/Contents/MacOS/applet" -y`, { administratorPrivileges: true })
const alert = JSON.parse(output)
alert.params ? app.displayAlert(alert.title, alert.params) : app.displayAlert(alert.title)
const stdout = $.NSPipe.pipe
const task = $.NSTask.alloc.init
task.executableURL = $.NSURL.alloc.initFileURLWithPath(hyperDrivePath)
task.arguments = $(['--install=1', '--driverXML=' + driverPath])
task.standardOutput = stdout
const dataAction = $.HandleDataAction.alloc.init
$.NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter.addObserverSelectorNameObject(dataAction, 'outData:', $.NSFileHandleDataAvailableNotification, $.initialOutputFile)
let err = $.NSError.alloc.initWithDomainCodeUserInfo('', 0, '')
const ret = task.launchAndReturnError(err)
if (!ret) {
title: 'Error',
params: {
message: 'Failed to launch task: ' + err.localizedDescription.UTF8String
Progress.description = "Installing packages..."
Progress.additionalDescription = "Preparing…"
Progress.totalUnitCount = 100
ADOBE_PRODUCTS_XML_URL = ',sti&platform=osx10,osx10-64&productType=Desktop'
DRIVER_XML = '''<DriverInfo>
<Name>Adobe {name}</Name>
DRIVER_XML_DEPENDENCY = ''' <Dependency>
'X-Adobe-App-Id': 'accc-hdcore-desktop',
'User-Agent': 'Adobe Application Manager 2.0',
'X-Api-Key': 'CC_HD_ESD_1_0'
def dl(filename, url):
with session.get(url, stream=True, headers=ADOBE_REQ_HEADERS) as r:
with open(filename, 'wb') as f:
shutil.copyfileobj(r.raw, f)
def r(url, headers=ADOBE_REQ_HEADERS):
req = session.get(url, headers=headers)
req.encoding = 'utf-8'
return req.text
def get_products_xml():
return ET.fromstring(r(ADOBE_PRODUCTS_XML_URL))
def parse_products_xml(products_xml):
cdn = products_xml.find('channel/cdn/secure').text
products = {}
parent_map = {c: p for p in products_xml.iter() for c in p}
for p in products_xml.findall('channel/products/product'):
displayName = p.find('displayName').text
sap = p.get('id')
version = p.get('version')
dependencies = list(p.find('platforms/platform/languageSet/dependencies'))
if not products.get(sap):
if p.find('productInfoPage'):
products[sap] = {
'hidden': p.find('platforms/platform').get('id') != 'osx10-64' or parent_map[parent_map[p]].get('name') != 'ccm',
'displayName': displayName,
'sapCode': sap,
'versions': OrderedDict()
products[sap]['versions'][version] = {
'sapCode': sap,
'version': version,
'dependencies': [{
'sapCode': d.find('sapCode').text, 'version': d.find('baseVersion').text
} for d in dependencies],
'buildGuid': p.find('platforms/platform/languageSet').get('buildGuid')
return products, cdn
def get_application_json(buildGuid):
headers = ADOBE_REQ_HEADERS.copy()
headers['x-adobe-build-guid'] = buildGuid
return json.loads(r(ADOBE_APPLICATION_JSON_URL, headers))
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('-l', '--installLanguage', help='Language code (eg. en_US)', action='store')
parser.add_argument('-s', '--sapCode', help='SAP code for desired product (eg. PHSP)', action='store')
parser.add_argument('-v', '--version', help='Version of desired product (eg. 21.0.3)', action='store')
parser.add_argument('-d', '--destination', help='Directory to download installation files to', action='store')
args = parser.parse_args()
ye = int((32 - len(VERSION_STR)) / 2)
print('= Adobe macOS Package Generator =')
print('{} {} {}\n'.format('='*ye, VERSION_STR, '='*(31-len(VERSION_STR)-ye)))
if (not os.path.isfile('/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Desktop Common/HDBox/Setup')):
print('Adobe HyperDrive installer not found.\nPlease make sure the Creative Cloud app is installed.')
print('Downloading products.xml\n')
products_xml = get_products_xml()
print('Parsing products.xml')
products, cdn = parse_products_xml(products_xml)
print('CDN: ' + cdn)
print(str(len([p for p in products if not products[p]['hidden']])) + ' products found:')
sapCode = None
if (args.sapCode):
if products.get(args.sapCode):
print('\nUsing provided SAP Code: ' + args.sapCode)
sapCode = args.sapCode
print('\nProvided SAP Code not found in products: ' + args.sapCode)
if not sapCode:
for p in products.values():
if not p['hidden']:
print('[{}] {}'.format(p['sapCode'], p['displayName']))
while sapCode is None:
val = input('\nPlease enter the SAP Code of the desired product (eg. PHSP for Photoshop): ')
if val == 'APRO':
print('\033[1;31mAcrobat is currently broken, please sit tight while I try to find a solution.\nAll other products are functional.\033[0m')
elif products.get(val):
sapCode = val
print('{} is not a valid SAP Code. Please use a value from the list above.'.format(val))
product = products.get(sapCode)
versions = product['versions']
version = None
if (args.version):
if versions.get(args.version):
print('\nUsing provided version: ' + args.version)
version = args.version
print('\nProvided version not found: ' + args.version)
if not version:
for v in reversed(versions.values()):
print('{} {}'.format(product['displayName'], v['version']))
while version is None:
val = input('\nPlease enter the desired version (eg. 21.2.3): ')
if versions.get(val):
version = val
print('{} is not a valid version. Please use a value from the list above.'.format(val))
langs = [ 'en_US', 'en_GB', 'en_IL', 'en_AE', 'es_ES', 'es_MX', 'pt_BR', 'fr_FR', 'fr_CA', 'fr_MA', 'it_IT', 'de_DE', 'nl_NL', 'ru_RU', 'uk_UA', 'zh_TW', 'zh_CN', 'ja_JP', 'ko_KR', 'pl_PL', 'hu_HU', 'cs_CZ', 'tr_TR', 'sv_SE', 'nb_NO', 'fi_FI', 'da_DK' ]
installLanguage = None
if (args.installLanguage):
if (args.installLanguage in langs):
print('\nUsing provided language: ' + args.installLanguage)
installLanguage = args.installLanguage
print('\nProvided language not available: ' + args.installLanguage)
if not installLanguage:
print('Available languages: {}'.format(', '.join(langs)))
while installLanguage is None:
val = input('\nPlease enter the desired install language, or nothing for [en_US]: ') or 'en_US'
if (val in langs):
installLanguage = val
print('{} is not available. Please use a value from the list above.'.format(val))
dest = None
if (args.destination):
print('\nUsing provided destination: ' + args.destination)
dest = args.destination
print('\nPlease navigate to the desired downloads folder, or cancel to abort.')
p = Popen(['/usr/bin/osascript', '-e', 'tell application (path to frontmost application as text)\nset _path to choose folder\nPOSIX path of _path\nend'], stdout=PIPE)
dest = p.communicate()[0].decode('utf-8').strip()
if (p.returncode != 0):
install_app_name = 'Install {}_{}-{}.app'.format(sapCode, version, installLanguage)
install_app_path = os.path.join(dest, install_app_name)
print('sapCode: ' + sapCode)
print('version: ' + version)
print('installLanguage: ' + installLanguage)
print('dest: ' + install_app_path)
prodInfo = versions[version]
prods_to_download = [{ 'sapCode': d['sapCode'], 'version': d['version'], 'buildGuid': products[d['sapCode']]['versions'][d['version']]['buildGuid'] } for d in prodInfo['dependencies']]
prods_to_download.insert(0, { 'sapCode': prodInfo['sapCode'], 'version': prodInfo['version'], 'buildGuid': prodInfo['buildGuid'] })
print('\nCreating {}'.format(install_app_name))
install_app_path = os.path.join(dest, 'Install {}_{}-{}.app'.format(sapCode, version, installLanguage))
with Popen(['/usr/bin/osacompile', '-l', 'JavaScript', '-o', os.path.join(dest, install_app_path)], stdin=PIPE) as p:
icon_path = '/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Desktop Common/HDBox/'
shutil.copyfile(icon_path, os.path.join(install_app_path, 'Contents', 'Resources', 'applet.icns'))
products_dir = os.path.join(install_app_path, 'Contents', 'Resources', 'products')
for p in prods_to_download:
s, v = p['sapCode'], p['version']
product_dir = os.path.join(products_dir, s)
app_json_path = os.path.join(product_dir, 'application.json')
print('[{}_{}] Downloading application.json'.format(s, v))
app_json = get_application_json(p['buildGuid'])
p['application_json'] = app_json
print('[{}_{}] Creating folder for product'.format(s, v))
os.makedirs(product_dir, exist_ok=True)
print('[{}_{}] Saving application.json'.format(s, v))
with open(app_json_path, 'w') as file:
json.dump(app_json, file, separators=(',', ':'))
print ('Downloading...\n')
for p in prods_to_download:
s, v = p['sapCode'], p['version']
app_json = p['application_json']
product_dir = os.path.join(products_dir, s)
print('[{}_{}] Parsing available packages'.format(s, v))
core_pkg_count = 0
noncore_pkg_count = 0
packages = app_json['Packages']['Package']
download_urls = []
for pkg in packages:
if pkg.get('Type') and pkg['Type'] == 'core':
core_pkg_count += 1
download_urls.append(cdn + pkg['Path'])
if ((not pkg.get('Condition')) or installLanguage in pkg['Condition']): # TODO: actually parse `Condition` and check it properly (and maybe look for & add support for conditions other than installLanguage)
noncore_pkg_count += 1
download_urls.append(cdn + pkg['Path'])
print('[{}_{}] Selected {} core packages and {} non-core packages'.format(s, v, core_pkg_count, noncore_pkg_count))
for url in download_urls:
name = url.split('/')[-1].split('?')[0]
print('[{}_{}] Downloading {}'.format(s, v, name))
dl(os.path.join(product_dir, name), url)
print('\nGenerating driver.xml')
driver = DRIVER_XML.format(
name = product['displayName'],
sapCode = prodInfo['sapCode'],
version = prodInfo['version'],
dependencies = '\n'.join([DRIVER_XML_DEPENDENCY.format(
sapCode = d['sapCode'],
version = d['version']
) for d in prodInfo['dependencies']]),
language = installLanguage
with open(os.path.join(products_dir, 'driver.xml'), 'w') as f:
print('\nPackage successfully created. Run {} to install.'.format(install_app_path))
CYAN="$(tput bold; tput setaf 6)"
RESET="$(tput sgr0)"
curl -o "/Applications/Adobe Packager.command"
chmod +x "/Applications/Adobe Packager.command"
echo "${CYAN}Done! You can now start /Applications/Adobe Packager.command to begin${RESET}"
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chriswayg commented Mar 14, 2022

@ponziipo - this is not really the reason why we are sharing the ability to download selected versions of Adobe CC applications, and I would request that these questions would not be raised or answered here as I am concerned that they could violate the Github TOS. Maybe r/piracy would be a more appropriate place where you can ask that question. - I think @Drovosek01 explained the purpose of ccdl well:

This can help system administrators who need to install the same program from Adobe on several computers, as well as those people who do not want to use the latest version of programs from Creative Cloud or install the application on an officially unsupported version of macOS ...

See also:

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thanks and sorry for my inappropriate comments


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chriswayg commented Mar 14, 2022


thanks and sorry for my inappropriate comments.

No problem, mate! : -)

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Hello, Any idea why it's failing now days ?

= Adobe macOS Package Generator =
============= 0.1.4 =============

Do you want to make M1 native packages (y/N): y
Downloading products.xml,sti&platform=macuniversal,osx10-64,osx10&productType=Desktop
Source URL is:,sti&platform=macuniversal,osx10-64,osx10&productType=Desktop
Source URL is:,sti&platform=macarm64,macuniversal&productType=Desktop
Parsing products.xml
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 655, in <module>
  File "", line 362, in runccdl
  File "", line 276, in parse_products_xml
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
[74244] Failed to execute script 'ccdl' due to unhandled exception!

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DanielCrompton123 commented Oct 11, 2022 via email

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That is because when you select M1, it only shows apps that are for the M1. Some apps are still only Intel, therefore they won't show up..

also make sure you are using the script on

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kevin25 commented Mar 24, 2023

Not working anymore

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