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life, lemons, etc.

Ibrahim Ahmed ayyybe

life, lemons, etc.
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shinyquagsire23 / gist:7ddd17d1569acb21920683866570cb35
Created February 23, 2023 07:43
LG MStar firmware disorganized notes -- Hotwords: AEON B2, MStar, LG DualUp Firmware, MST9W00V4, MST9U
DDC/CI Command Codes (antiquated MStar function, not real):
0xCC, 0xF1, 0xF0 - LG special? Only CC actually used.

Quick start

Tauri is shipped with state management function/feature by default.

Basic usage is quite simple: a variable of State type can be accessed on the tauri commands which you have defined; in other words, "with tauri commands, they'll magically inject state for you," so that once a variable is managed you can inject them directly as additional input when defining the command.

Example Implementation

4abhinavjain / reinstall_VPS_from_inside.txt
Last active July 13, 2024 15:34 — forked from ClashTheBunny/
DIY install debian on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ( Free Tier ) - ARM64
# should works on any cloud-init enabled hypervisor (openstack.. )
# start from a normal ubuntu 20.04 install as minimal was not available for ARM64
# Since ARM64 machines has higher RAM, Shrinking is desired but not necessary. Instead we will increase tmpfs to 1700MB
# Getting root (if sudo -i doesn't work then set a root password beforehand using 'sudo passwd root'
sudo -i
# make sure we are on the highest kernel, so we can delete all the others ...
XYShaoKang / 下载力扣提交中的代码.md
Last active December 23, 2023 03:48

下载力扣提交中时间分布图中的代码,下载的代码会按照[题目]-[语言].md进行命名 可配置项:

  • langs: 需要下载的语言 slug,可以设置多个语言,具体 slug 的值请查看最后面的 getAllLangs 函数中定义的语言 slug
  • questionSlugs: 需要下载代码的题目列表,可以设置多个题目
  • autoCreateSubmission: 是否开启自动创建提交 必须要有对应的提交,才能获取到时间或者内存分布的数据,如果没有提交,则无法获取 如果需要获取的题目中没有对应语言的提交,可以通过代码自动创建一个空提交 当然这样会弄乱提交记录.所以最好是开一个新的进度,或者开一个小号来进行操作
Jacbo1 /
Last active December 26, 2023 21:07
NotSoBot Tag Scripting Help

NotSoBot tag scripting help

Note: This information is not maintained or updated. Some old info may no longer be accurate and newer info may not be included.
Majority of guide from cake#0001 in the NotSoBot Discord server. Additions made by me.

How to use NotSoBot tags

Use .t add <tag_name> <tag_contents> to create a new tag or edit an existing one. Tag names are case insensitive meaning a tag by the name of "HeLlO" is the same as "hello".
.t add Hello World will create a tag named "hello".
.t edit <tag_name> <tag_contents> can be used to edit an existing tag the same way as using .t add <tag_name> <tag_contents> You can run a tag by using .t <tag_name>. If it is a script that accepts arguments, your arguments will be words following the tag name separated by spaces. .t hi abc 1 2 will run the tag named "hi" with the 3 arguments "abc", "1", and "2".
.t remove will delete that tag e.g. .t remove hello

Explosion-Scratch / Quizlet flashcards.js
Created October 12, 2021 23:55
Get Quizlet flashcards via API
async function quizlet(id){
let res = await fetch(`${id}&filters%5BstudiableContainerType%5D=1&perPage=5&page=1`).then(res => res.json())
let currentLength = 5;
let token = res.responses[0].paging.token
let terms = res.responses[0].models.studiableItem;
let page = 2;
console.log({token, terms})
while (currentLength >= 5){
let res = await fetch(`${id}&filters%5BstudiableContainerType%5D=1&perPage=5&page=${page++}&pagingToken=${token}`).then(res => res.json());
jorisguex / ccdl.command
Last active May 14, 2021 06:32 — forked from ayyybe/ccdl.command
Adobe Offline Package Generator v0.1.2 (macOS only)
CYAN="$(tput bold; tput setaf 6)"
RESET="$(tput sgr0)"
if command -v python3 > /dev/null 2>&1; then
if [ $(python3 -c "print('ye')") = "ye" ]; then
Jinmo /
Last active May 28, 2024 15:08
C/C++ header to IDA


In IDAPython,

parse_file('<path>/a.cpp',[r'-I<path>\LuaJIT-2.0.5\src', '-D__NT__', '-D__X64__', '-D__EA64__'])
msys2 vs msys vs msysgit
MinGW doesn't provide a linux-like environment, that is MSYS(2) and/or Cygwin
Cygwin is an attempt to create a complete UNIX/POSIX environment on Windows.
MinGW is a C/C++ compiler suite which allows you to create Windows executables - you only
need the normal MSVC runtimes, which are part of any normal Microsoft Windows installation.
MinGW provides headers and libraries so that GCC (a compiler suite,
not just a "unix/linux compiler") can be built and used against the Windows C runtime.
rvega / main.cpp
Created April 9, 2018 02:07
Rendering video content with libvlc to an openGL texture.
#include <mutex>
#include <vlc/vlc.h>
#include <stb_image.h>
#include <nanogui/nanogui.h>
class VideoView: public nanogui::GLCanvas {
nanogui::GLShader shader;
GLuint textureId;