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<title>The Catcher in the Rye</title>
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"@context":"", "@direction": "ltr" ,
"name" : "The Catcher in the Rye",
"author": {

The Base URI Issue Explained

Last Update: 2018-10-27

Author: Rob Sanderson (for the JSON-LD Working Group)

What’s this Base URI issue then?

In order to ensure persistent references, HTML and other specifications have the notion of a base URI (e.g. with which relative URIs (e.g. page.html) are resolved into absolute URIs ( This notion is especially important in Linked Data, as the connectedness of URIs via relationships is what makes it a web of data, not just another standalone data format. Knowledge graphs of all descriptions would fail to coalesce if the resolution is not deterministic and left up to individual implementers to decide on the method.



While IIIF has focused primarily on Image based content, there has always been interest around the community in extending the paradigm to include Video and Audio resources, following the same successful pattern as for Images. Early experiments in this direction included the linking of audio segments to the regions of a canvas that depict a musical score and linking video of commentary about the resource. More recently, the British Library was successful in obtaining a grant to work on preserving and making accessible audio content, with explicit resourcing for advancing IIIF's specifications in this area.

This group will create technical specifications that improve the interoperability of access to audio and video content following the same patterns as the Image API, and allow the integration of that content with the Presentation API. It will assist with and steer the implementation of community infrastructure, such as reference implementations and validators, as well as transformation tool


Discovery Support Technical Specifications Group Charter


Interoperable resources are only useful if they can be found. This has been well-recognized since the early days of the IIIF community, and more recently it has become clear that a concerted effort to standardize patterns that will facilitate discovery, harvesting and synchronization, indexing, and importing of IIIF resources is required.

This group will create specifications that improve the discovery process for IIIF resources, with a focus on leveraging existing techniques and tools, and promoting widespread adoption within the community. It will assist with and steer the implementation of community infrastructure, such as a registry of adopters, validators for the implementations, and transformation tools to generate the required data from existing systems and APIs.

If successful, the work will enable the collaborative development of global or thematic registries, search engines and portal applications that allow developers a



  1. Request full/info.json withCredentials flag set, but no credentials Request: No Cookie. Response: 302 ; ACAC:true ; ACAO: origin ; Location: degraded

  2. Request degraded/info.json withCredentials flag set? but no credentials Request: No Cookie Response: 200 ; ACAC:true ; ACAO: origin

azaroth42 / canvas.json
Last active Oct 20, 2016
Canvas in Presentation 3.0 with AV
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"id": "...",
"type": "Canvas",
"width": 1000,
"height": 1000,
"duration": 120,
"annotations": [
"type": "AnnotationPage",
"items": [
azaroth42 / info.json
Last active Oct 15, 2016
Ultra simple AV info.json
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"@context": "",
"id": "",
"profile": "",
"attribution": "Provided by NCSU",
"logo": "",
"rights": "",
"sizes": [
azaroth42 / gist:7b55bde7b98e9615502a
Last active Aug 29, 2015
FRBR / RDF discussion
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:work a frbr:Work
dc:title "Chronicles of Froissart" // label for the abstract notion
dc:creator <froissart>
:expr a frbr:Expression
frbr:expressionOf :work
dc:title "Les Chroniques" // label for written forms
:mfst a frbr:Manifestation // A family of MSS
frbr:manifestationOf :expr
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