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Created Oct 27, 2018
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Parsing Data in JSON in Codeigniter

You can use Codeigniter curl library to parse data in JSON format. For this you can use POST request.

Add this to your JSON file


$url = '';

$formatJsondata = array(

   'username' => 'authenticate-username',

   'password' => 'password-authentication'


$encodedJsonData = json_encode($formatJsondata);


$this->curl->option(CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Content-type: application/json; Charset=UTF-8'));


echo $result = $this->curl->execute();

To show data, add this to config.php file

Class MY_Loader extends CI_Loader {

public $_json_array = array();

public function __construct() {


$this->ci = &get_instance();


public function view($view, $vars = array(), $return = FALSE) {

$format = $this->ci->input->get('format');

if($format == 'json') {

$this->ci->_json_array[$view] = $vars;


->set_output(json_encode($this->ci->_json_array, JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK));


else {

parent::view($view, $vars, $return);



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