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// This is a contrived example of some of the things you can do in a Loadster code step.
// HTTP and Wait methods are synchronous by design, no callbacks required.
// More documentation is coming soon!
console.log("We're in a code step.");
// Wait between 0 and 2 seconds
user.wait(Math.random() * 2000);
// Make a GET request with page resources
user.get("", {
resources: [
// Set a user variable to a random integer from 0 to 19
user.setVariable("random", Math.floor(Math.random() * 20));
// Loop and make 5 requests with a counter param and value from a user variable
for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
user.get("" + i + "&random=" + user.getVariable("random"));
// Make a POST with a JSON body"", {
random: user.getVariable("random")
}, {
headers: [
{ name: "Content-Type", value: "application/json" }
// A note on variables:
// User variables are scoped to the v-user iteration, and carry over to subsequent steps.
// Set and retrieve them with setVariable/getVariable. Normal JavaScript variables
// (the var keyword) are scoped to this block only.
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