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Created Feb 27, 2015

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systemd-unit file(s) for peervpn filtering annoying log messages

/etc/systemd/system/peervpn@.service /usr/local/sbin/

Put these in place & do systemctl daemon-reload to allow for filtering that peervpn message from your log

/usr/bin/peervpn $* | sed -nue "/warning: could not send packet!/!p"
# To create a new PeerVPN instance called <name>, create a new configuration file
# /etc/peervpn/<name>.conf. You can use the provided example configuration file
# peervpn.conf as a template.
# After the configuration file is created, you can control the instance with
# systemctl using systemd unit named peervpn@<name>.service.
Description=PeerVPN Node (%i) logfiltered
ExecStart=/usr/local/sbin/ /etc/peervpn/%i.conf
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