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Call dbt Cloud API to trigger jobs without having to install requests
from urllib.request import Request, urlopen
from urllib import parse
import os
import time
import json
# get environment variables
api_base = os.getenv('DBT_URL', '') # default to multitenant url
job_cause = os.getenv('DBT_JOB_CAUSE', 'API-triggered job') # default to generic message
git_branch = os.getenv('DBT_JOB_BRANCH', None) # default to None
schema_override = os.getenv('DBT_JOB_SCHEMA_OVERRIDE', None) # default to None
api_key = os.environ['DBT_API_KEY'] # no default here, just throw an error here if key not provided
account_id = os.environ['DBT_ACCOUNT_ID'] # no default here, just throw an error here if id not provided
project_id = os.environ['DBT_PROJECT_ID'] # no default here, just throw an error here if id not provided
job_id = os.environ['DBT_PR_JOB_ID'] # no default here, just throw an error here if id not provided
api_base: {api_base}
job_cause: {job_cause}
git_branch: {git_branch}
schema_override: {schema_override}
account_id: {account_id}
project_id: {project_id}
job_id: {job_id}
# use environment variables to set configuration
req_auth_header = {'Authorization': f'Token {api_key}'}
req_job_url = f'{api_base}/api/v2/accounts/{account_id}/jobs/{job_id}/run/'
run_status_map = { # dbt run statuses are encoded as integers. This map provides a human-readable status
1: 'Queued',
2: 'Starting',
3: 'Running',
10: 'Success',
20: 'Error',
30: 'Cancelled',
def run_job(url, headers, cause, branch=None, schema_override=None ) -> int:
Runs a dbt job
# build payload
req_payload = {'cause': cause}
if branch and not branch.startswith('$('): # starts with '$(' indicates a valid branch name was not provided
req_payload['git_branch'] = branch.replace('refs/heads/', '')
if schema_override:
req_payload['schema_override'] = schema_override.replace('-', '_')
# trigger job
print(f'Triggering job:\n\turl: {url}\n\tpayload: {req_payload}')
data = parse.urlencode(req_payload).encode()
request = Request(method='POST', data=data, headers=headers, url=url)
with urlopen(request) as req:
response ='utf-8')
run_job_resp = json.loads(response)
# return run id
return run_job_resp['data']['id']
def get_run_status(url, headers) -> str:
gets the status of a running dbt job
# get status
request = Request(headers=headers, url=url)
with urlopen(request) as req:
response ='utf-8')
req_status_resp = json.loads(response)
# return status
run_status_code = req_status_resp['data']['status']
run_status = run_status_map[run_status_code]
return run_status
def main():
print('Beginning request for job run...')
# run job
run_id: int = None
run_id = run_job(req_job_url, req_auth_header, job_cause, git_branch, schema_override)
except Exception as e:
print(f'ERROR! - Could not trigger job:\n {e}')
# build status check url and run status link
req_status_url = f'{api_base}/api/v2/accounts/{account_id}/runs/{run_id}/'
run_status_link = f'{api_base}/#/accounts/{account_id}/projects/{project_id}/runs/{run_id}/'
# update user with status link
print(f'Job running! See job status at {run_status_link}')
# check status indefinitely with an initial wait period
while True:
status = get_run_status(req_status_url, req_auth_header)
print(f'Run status -> {status}')
if status in ['Error', 'Cancelled']:
raise Exception(f'Run failed or canceled. See why at {run_status_link}')
if status == 'Success':
print(f'Job completed successfully! See details at {run_status_link}')
if __name__ == "__main__":
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