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@b0o b0o/cvim.vim
Last active Jun 23, 2017

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Maddy's cVim Configuration
" cVim configuration
" See for more info
" Booleans Settings
set smoothscroll
set noautofocus
set autohidecursor
set autoupdategist
set scalehints
" General Settings
let vimcommand = "nvim"
let completionengines = ["google", "amazon"]
" Key Mappings
map <Leader>r reloadTabUncached
map <Leader>x :restore<Space>
map <Leader>ip :call getIP<CR>
map <Leader>fs :call fakeSpot<CR>
map <Leader>e :call createEditHint<CR>
" Search Engines
let searchalias g = "google"
command google tabnew google
command g google
map <Leader>sgo :google<Space>
let searchengine github = ["", ""]
let searchalias gh = "github"
command github tabnew github
command gh github
map <Leader>sgh :github<Space>
let searchengine reddit = ["", ""]
let searchalias re = "reddit"
command reddit tabnew reddit
command re reddit
map <Leader>sre :reddit<Space>
let searchengine subreddit = ["", ""]
let searchalias sr = "subreddit"
command subreddit tabnew subreddit
command sr subreddit
map <Leader>ssr :subreddit<Space>
let searchengine stackoverflow = ["", ""]
let searchalias so = "stackoverflow"
command stackoverflow tabnew stackoverflow
command so stackoverflow
map <Leader>sso :stackoverflow<Space>
let searchengine archwiki = ["", ""]
let searchalias aw = "archwiki"
command archwiki tabnew archwiki
command aw archwiki
map <Leader>saw :archwiki<Space>
let searchengine aur = ["", ""]
command aur tabnew aur
map <Leader>saur :aur<Space>
let searchengine chromestore = ["", ""]
let searchalias cs = "chromestore"
command chromestore tabnew chromestore
command cs chromestore
map <Leader>scs :chromestore<Space>
let searchengine youtube = ["", ""]
let searchalias yt = "youtube"
command youtube tabnew youtube
command yt tabnew youtube
map <Leader>syt :youtube<Space>
let searchengine yelp = ["", ""]
let searchalias yp = "yelp"
command yelp tabnew yelp
command yp tabnew yelp
map <Leader>syp :yelp<Space>
let searchengine wikipedia = ["", ""]
let searchalias w = "wikipedia"
command wikipedia tabnew wikipedia
command w wikipedia
map <Leader>sw :wikipedia<Space>
let searchengine amazon = ["", ""]
let searchalias az = "amazon"
command amazon tabnew amazon
command az amazon
map <Leader>saz :amazon<Space>
" Functions
getIP() -> {{
httpRequest({url: '', json: true},
function(res) { Status.setMessage('IP: ' + res.ip); });
fakeSpot() -> {{
url = "" + window.location.href, '_blank').focus();
" vim: set ft=vim:
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