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Created Sep 17, 2015
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ploneformgen mailer
<html xmlns="">
<p tal:content="here/getBody_pre | nothing" />
<tal:block repeat="field options/wrappedFields | nothing">
<dt tal:content="field/fgField/widget/label" />
<dd tal:content="structure python:field.htmlValue(request)" />
<p tal:content="here/getBody_post | nothing" />
<pre tal:content="here/getBody_footer | nothing" />
<div tal:define="token python:here.tokenize_form();" >
<a tal:attributes="href string: ${token}">the token</a>
tokenTool = context.onetimetoken_storage
token = tokenTool.setToken('anonymous')
portal = context.portal_url.getPortalObject()
return "%s/full-sponsorship?logincode=%s" % (portal.absolute_url(), token)
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