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Last active September 30, 2022 17:42
vsCode RTL support

vsCode RTL support


I'm going to use the English language as an example of an LTR language and the Farsi/Persian/فارسی language as an example of an RTL language. When I say "This is how RTL works", what I actually mean is that this is how the Farsi language works. So, there may be some differences between RTL languages that I'm not familiar with.

I may provide a text demo and a screenshot demo. Be aware that the text demo is going to look different than the screenshot demo because GitHub doesn't properly support RTL:). So the screenshot version is the correct one.

There are over 600 million right-to-left (RTL) language speakers worldwide. I'm just letting everyone know that a lot of people are affected by not providing proper RTL support.

babakfp / gist:ba36a8e8d4ddee5d32c1a8b6b14586f4
Last active April 20, 2024 23:43
Get rid of Svelte and SvelteKit a11y errors in vsCode editor and console

Put it into your vsCode JSON config:

  "svelte.plugin.svelte.compilerWarnings": {
      "a11y-accesskey": "ignore",
      "a11y-aria-activedescendant-has-tabindex": "ignore",
      "a11y-aria-attributes": "ignore",
      "a11y-autofocus": "ignore",
      "a11y-click-events-have-key-events": "ignore",