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Plex Automatic Updates (UNIX/RPM)


  1. Create a working directory for your updates, ex: /root/scripts/plex-update/
  2. Download a copy of and make it executable
  3. Find your Plex Token
  4. nano and set the PLEX_TOKEN variable
  5. Test the script ./
  6. Schedule the updates regularly:

Advanced Topics

Monitoring for failed/stuck udpates with an NMS

You can serve status.xml to a local web-server and check its output with a network monitoring system.

cp -av $UPDATE_STATUS_FILE /srv/www/htdocs/ # Optional, for NMS

Use a web-check to search for the string 'size="1"', or alternatively
parse the xml file and use the XPath count(/MediaContainer[@size=1]).

set -e
umask 0002
curl --silent -o $UPDATE_STATUS_FILE "$PLEX_TOKEN"
# cp -av $UPDATE_STATUS_FILE /srv/www/htdocs/ # Optional, for NMS
if [ -n "$(grep notify $UPDATE_STATUS_FILE)" ] ; then
echo "Update available!"
UPDATE_URL=$(grep -oPm1 "(?<=downloadURL=\")[^\"]+" $UPDATE_STATUS_FILE)
if [ -n "$UPDATE_URL" ] ; then
set -x
curl -L -o plex-update.rpm "$UPDATE_URL" && service plexmediaserver stop && rpm -Uvh plex-update.rpm
service plexmediaserver start
set +x
echo "Update finished."
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